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NO CELL PHONE! Campaign Launched Worldwide Today

When I was eight years old, as I stood among the birds and trees in front of my cousins’ country home, I suddenly heard a horrendous noise I had never heard before. “It is called a chain saw,” said my uncle George, as he explained to me what it did. In my mind’s eye I saw forests tumbling down all over the world.

Four years later, a TV commercial filled me with foreboding. It featured a bottle of shampoo falling to the floor of a shower stall and not breaking! The Prell company was introducing the wonders of plastic to a consuming public.

That same year, 1962, a marine biologist awakened the world to the devastation caused by pesticides, igniting an environmental movement that shook the world to its roots.

Yet today, 60 years later, the world poisons itself with five times as much pesticides as it did before Rachel Carson’s monumental book. The few remaining old growth forests continue to be felled by machines with a power beyond anyone’s control. And as marine mammals, seabirds and turtles choke on bottle caps, lids and grocery bags, the oceans will soon contain more plastics than fish, and we swim in microplastic particles that rain down on us day and night in the very air we breathe.

It is no one’s fault, and it is everyone’s fault. Today, without assigning blame, we have an opportunity to gather together in personal action for the future of life on Earth. An opportunity to change course. Microwave radiation is the first pollutant that is being spread intentionally over every square inch of the planet. And it is the first pollutant whose source and driving force — the mobile phone — is within the palms and pockets of the world’s population at all times. This gives us a unique opportunity to be proactive instead of just advocates. To be a movement of change and not just for change. To set an example of what must also be done with respect to the other environmental assaults.

Wireless technology is also the first pollutant for which there is not a dose response: the effect does not depend on the dose. Reducing the power level of a wireless device does not reduce the harm that it causes. For purposes of health and environment, a cell phone is a cell tower. We cannot have birds and insects and also have cell phones. Our children will not live to grow up if we do not get rid of cell phones.

The benefits of ridding one’s life of cell phones — the restoration of your health and vitality — are immediate, startling, and far greater than the benefits that they provide. And as this action spreads, so will the benefits. A restored vitality of the forests, oceans, wildlife and birds that once gave life meaning will give people much more than they will give up when they throw away their cell phones — and gladly give up, once they feel the difference and realize what they have traded away.

We ask you to join in pledging to do your part in putting an end to the greatest, most urgent, most ignored assault on the Earth that there is.  To plant a seed that will be watered, grow, and proliferate. No one — not legislators, not judges, not corporate CEOs — can do it for us.

Please read and sign the pledge below. It comes in two versions, one for people who still own cell phones, and the other for people who do not. You can also read and sign them in these languages:

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NO CELL PHONE! Pledge (for those who still have cell phones)



Protect your planet, your family, your pets and yourself by getting rid of your cell phone now. It’s up to each of us to stop the destruction.



WHEREAS, your cell phone emits the same microwave radiation as a cell tower;

WHEREAS, making a cell phone call or sending a text exposes you to much more radiation than the radiation from any cell towers;

WHEREAS, turning on your cell phone causes the nearest cell tower to emit more radiation;

WHEREAS, for your cell phone to work when you want it to, all the cell towers on Earth have to be there;

WHEREAS, reducing the power of your cell phone, holding it away from your body, or putting it on a table, does not make it any safer and can harm you even more;

WHEREAS, in experimental animals, a two-minute exposure to a cell phone damages the blood-brain barrier, and a two-hour exposure causes permanent brain damage, even when the power is reduced 100-fold;

WHEREAS, cell phone radiation interferes with nerve conduction and brain function and is a predominant cause of multiple sclerosis, ADHD, autism, dementia, anxiety disorder, depression, and other neurological disorders today;

WHEREAS, cell phone radiation interferes with your metabolism and is a predominant cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer today;

WHEREAS, your cell phone, when you call or text, directly exposes not just you, but your family, children, pets, friends, passersby, and the birds, insects, animals, plants and trees in your neighborhood to microwave radiation;

WHEREAS, most insects and at least one-third of all birds on Earth have already disappeared, having been killed in large part by the radiation from cell phones and cell towers;

WHEREAS, life on Earth evolved for billions of years without microwave radiation (the microwave radiation from the sun and stars being miniscule), and there is no safe level of exposure;

WHEREAS, microwave radiation is the first pollutant that is being intentionally dispersed over every square inch of the Earth, instead of unintentionally like every other pollutant;

Task Force sending delegate to the United Nations COP27 in Egypt

From November 6-18, 2022, the 27th annual United Nations Conference on Climate Change, known officially as the Conference of the Parties, or COP, will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. More than 40,000 people from across the globe are expected to attend. The Cellular Phone Task Force is sending New Mexico resident Kathleen Burke to COP27 to promote the body of research of Santa Fe scientist and author Arthur Firstenberg, whose work focuses on the ongoing destruction of life on Earth by microwave radiation.

Kathleen is attending COP27 as an official observer for the League of Women Voters U.S., which as an official observer organization to the COP is allocated a quota of members to attend. One of those representing the League at COP26, last year in Glasgow, Scotland, was environmental lawyer Lora Lucero, also of New Mexico. “Politicians and countries won’t act, can’t act, fast enough to move us off the destructive path we’re on,” said Lora, explaining her reasons for attending. “Business-as-usual, including the strength of the fossil fuel industry and the lack of political imagination will doom our future generations. We cannot let the leaders lead. People must lead — and force the politicians to catch up with us, pressing leaders to act consistently with the climate reality. Public engagement will tip the scales.”

Kathleen, hired as executive assistant to Mr. Firstenberg earlier this year will carry his work to the Conference.  She expects to spend time both inside at the official proceedings as well as outside at protests and demonstrations.

Among the documents she will take to the Conference will be Arthur’s updated Radio Wave Packet, his research on the Birds on Texel Island, and the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (see banner at the top of this newsletter). Kathleen will also promote an international campaign that we will launch this month, about which details will be reported in our next newsletter.

Kathleen will be spreading our message in Egypt both by her words, and by example: she will be traveling and attending without a cell phone. We wish her a safe and productive journey!

The Cellular Phone Task Force will be funding her travel to Egypt, as well as her lodging and expenses. Donations are needed to make this possible. The Cellular Phone Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations from U.S. residents are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID Number is 11-3394550.


Arthur Firstenberg, President Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life Administrator, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 October 4, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

view as PDF: in English en français auf Deutsch en español

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is wireless technology?

Wireless technology is any means of sending information or energy through space without wires. It includes:

satellites, radar, radio, television, cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, fitness trackers, smart watches, baby monitors wireless keyboards, mice, printers, headphones and speakers, wireless security systems, wireless car keys, wireless garage door openers, wireless battery chargers, remote controls, wireless microphones RFID chips in credit cards and driver’s licenses, radio collars and chips in wildlife, cattle and pets, chips in home appliances wireless hearing aids, assistive listening devices, medical alert pendants, chips in medical implants, wireless pacemakers autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots numerous other radio-enabled devices that are proliferating in today’s world

Every one of these devices, without exception, emits radiation.

What’s wrong with wireless technology?

By substituting radiation for wires, we are swimming in an ocean of artificial electromagnetic fields that are interfering with life itself. We are in effect electrocuting ourselves, our children, our pets, the insects, birds, animals, trees and plants around us and all of living creation. We are killing our planet.

This is about long-term exposure, right? Cancer that takes years to develop?

No. The effects are rapid. Heart rate changes immediately. Blood sugar rises in minutes. Having wireless devices on in your house interferes with your sleep and your memory. Using a cell phone destroys brain cells in minutes to hours, and can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Studies show that even cancer can develop within months of first exposure. When a cell tower is turned on, birds leave the area immediately. Insects disappear. Even slugs and snails vanish. Most of this takes no time at all.

What types of radiation are used in wireless technology?

All frequencies of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, lasers, sound waves, even nuclear radiation. Most home devices use microwaves.

Isn’t microwave radiation natural? Don’t microwaves come from the sun and stars?

Almost all the radiation we receive from the universe is the light and heat from the sun, not microwave radiation. The microwave radiation a person receives from an average cell tower is millions of times stronger than all the microwave radiation from the sun and stars. The microwave radiation a person’s brain receives from their cell phone is billions of times stronger than the microwave radiation from the sun and stars. And at any particular frequency it is trillions of times stronger than the microwave radiation he or she receives from the sun and stars at that frequency. And the faint microwaves from the sun and stars are not pulsed and modulated. It is the pulsations and modulation that cause much of the harm.

Aren’t light and microwaves both electromagnetic? Therefore isn’t microwave radiation safe?

No. That is like saying arsenic is safe because oxygen and arsenic are both elements, or that cyanide is safe because water and cyanide are both chemicals. But oxygen and water are necessary for life, while arsenic and cyanide are deadly poisons. It is the same with electromagnetic radiation. Visible light is necessary for life. Microwave radiation is a deadly poison.

Aren’t toxic chemicals more harmful than electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetism is more complex and more fundamental than chemistry. Electromagnetism shapes the sun and stars. Electromagnetism animates life. Electromagnetism is behind chemistry. There is no “chemical force” in the universe. Outside of atomic nuclei, there is only gravity and electromagnetism. Electromagnetism guides everything we see, including ourselves. Chemistry is an effect, not a cause.

Can’t we find safe frequencies? Won’t that solve the problem?

That is looking at both wireless technology and life too simplistically.

Most wireless technology has only one goal: to transmit information to computers, information of great complexity and variety. It is not simple, constant radiation of one amplitude and one frequency: such radiation would carry no information. Instead, it is multiple large frequency bands, each divided into hundreds, thousands, and millions of individual frequencies of all different bandwidths, overlapping and interacting, pulsed at an enormous variety of intervals, in an enormous variety of shapes, patterns and durations, all over the world. Even a single signal from a single device has a variety of amplitudes, frequencies and pulsations, and is modulated in complex ways in order to carry all the information needed to be read by a cell phone or computer.

Life has to also carry an enormous, almost infinite complexity of information in its nervous systems and its meridians, and to store and process this information in its cells, organs and chakras, and in its DNA which is shared and circulated among trillions of individuals of 50 million different species, all connected to one another and to the earth, sky and universe in a grand circuit of energy and information.

The artificial cloud of energy and information is interfering with, overpowering and destroying the natural, living circuitry of energy and information. It cannot be otherwise.

What about LiFi? If light is safe, why not use light instead of microwaves?

Light is a nutrient. We absorb it with our eyes, and into our blood. It is necessary for health. It regulates our biorhythms. Green plants need it for photosynthesis. We absorb more of the pulsations and modulation frequencies when they are carried into our bodies by light than when they are carried into our bodies by microwaves. LiFi is more harmful to life than WiFi.

Cell phones are much smaller than cell towers. Doesn’t that mean they are safer? Doesn’t it mean the radiation does not travel as far?

Cell phones and cell towers emit the same radiation; size has nothing to do with it. The main difference is that a cell tower emits as many signals simultaneously as there are cell phones communicating with it at that time, whereas a cell phone only emits one voice channel and one data channel. A cell tower therefore emits stronger


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5G Satellites: A Threat to All Life

by Arthur Firstenberg


In 2019, at least eight companies and governments are competing to send up fleets of from 150 to 42,000 satellites each.

SpaceX, based in the United States, has plans for 42,000 satellites, is already launching 60 at a time, twice a month, and is developing a larger rocket that can launch 120 at a time. As soon as 420 satellites are in orbit, it plans to turn them on. That could be as early as February 2020.

OneWeb, based in the United Kingdom, has plans for 5,260 satellites and intends to launch 30 at a time every three to four weeks beginning in January 2020. As soon as 300 satellites are in orbit, in late 2020, it plans to turn them on.

Telesat, based in Canada, has plans for 512 satellites, and intends to begin service in 2021.

Amazon has plans for 3,236 satellites and intends to begin service as soon as 578 are in orbit.

Lynk has plans for “several thousand” satellites and intends to begin service in 2023.

Facebook has plans for thousands of satellites but has not disclosed its plans to the public.

Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, has plans for 640 satellites, to be deployed between 2022 and 2026.

Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., a Chinese state-owned company, has plans for 156 satellites, to be in place by 2022.

In addition to these satellite plans, Loon, a subsidiary of Google, has a contract to provide Internet to remote areas of the Amazon rainforest in Peru from stratospheric balloons.


Most will be located in the ionosphere, which is the lower part of the Earth’s magnetosphere. SpaceX’s satellites will orbit as low as 340 kilometers (210 miles) in altitude.


They are for 5G, the Internet of Things, and to provide high speed Internet to every square inch of the Earth. Because data travels faster in space than in fiber, all cell towers will transmit their signals to satellites, to be routed through space to their destinations.

The satellites will also be used to populate all remote areas on Earth with cell towers. Every satellite customer will purchase a small “user terminal” they they will mount on their house or their car, where it will function as a small cell or mobile base station for use by the public. SpaceX has already applied to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to sell 1,000,000 user terminals in the United States, and OneWeb has applied for 1,900,000.

The only exception is Lynk, whose satellites will be able to connect directly to cell phones, and will turn every cell phone on Earth into a satellite phone. “The artificial divide between satellites and terrestrial systems is about to end,” says Lynk.


Yes. They will use phased arrays, beam-forming technologies, and millimeter waves with frequencies from 10 GHz to 80 GHz, just like 5G antennas on earth.


The Earth’s electromagnetic envelope—the magnetosphere—will be massively polluted. Millions of pulsed, modulated digital signals covering 80 GHz of spectrum will be emitted day and night into the magnetosphere by tens of thousands of satellites, each emitting multiple laser-like beams directed at the surface of the Earth. This will have several kinds of effects: (a) the direct radiation arriving at the ground; (b) pollution of the global electrical circuit; and (c) alteration of the magnetosphere itself.

Direct radiation. In 2001, Ukrainian scientists warned against the use of millimeter waves by low-orbit communication satellites using phased array antennas. “Observed higher resonance frequencies of a living cell coincide with [these] frequencies,” they wrote. “The power densities and duration of radiation created by these satellites will significantly exceed (by ten or more orders of magnitude—such irradiation is possible over the course of a whole lifetime) the energetic doses inducing change in living cells… Negative consequences of this may be changes in cell structures and physiological processes, genetic changes, and alteration of psychophysiological conditions and behavior.”[1]

Effects on the magnetosphere. The Earth’s magnetosphere already bears the imprint of 50 and 60 Hz and their harmonics from power lines. This phenomenon, known as power-line harmonic radiation (PLHR), has been extensively studied.[2],[3] When power line radiation reaches the magnetosphere, it is amplified thousands of times and interacts with the Van Allen belts, draining them of electrons, which rain down over the earth, modifying the electrical properties of the atmosphere. Not only may this increase the frequency of thunderstorms,[4] but it may shift the values of the Schumann resonances to which all living things are attuned.[5] “Continued expansion of the electrical power system threatens the viability of all life on earth,” wrote Dr. Robert O. Becker in 1985.[6] Tens of thousands of satellites, located in the lower magnetosphere, will be an even greater threat to all life.

Effects on the global electrical circuit. A current of electricity flows at all times through the ionosphere, down to the Earth in fair weather, through the Earth, and back up to the ionosphere in thunderstorms. This global circuit, studied today by atmospheric physicists, was first described in the fourth century B.C. in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine: “The pure Yang forms the heaven, and the turbid Yin forms the earth. The Qi of the earth ascends and turns into clouds, while the Qi of the heaven descends and turns into rain.” At National Central University in Taiwan, and at Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fujian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and elsewhere in China, scientists are confirming that the substance called Qi that flows from sky to Earth and circulates through our meridians, giving us life and health, is electricity.[7]

The ionosphere is charged to an average of 300,000 volts at all times and

Planetary Emergency


The Earth needs your help. Now.

Many are the assaults on our planet. The oceans—Jacques Cousteau said it already in 1970—are dying. The majestic wilderness is no more. The very oxygen we breathe is being converted to carbon dioxide.

Others are wrestling with those problems, and they are not going to be solved overnight. But there is one that must be: we must leave space alone.

On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpaceX’s plan to launch an unprecedented 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. And that’s only the beginning. SpaceX has applied to the FCC to increase the number of satellites to 42,000 in order to provide “ultrafast, lag-free Internet” to every square inch of the earth. 5G from space. The name of SpaceX’s project is “Starlink.” As of May 2022, Starlink already has about 2,500 operating satellites in low-earth orbit.

The global electrical circuit, which sustains all life, is about to be seriously disturbed unless we act.

Recent History

In 1997, in my first book, Microwaving Our Planet, in the last chapter, titled “The Danger from Satellites,” I wrote: “The proliferation of satellites we are about to witness—unless this world wakes up soon—is mind boggling, and nobody seems to have considered that popping thousands of them up there like so much confetti might have consequences for our atmosphere and our climate.” I wrote about the expected ozone loss; the destruction of the Van Allen belts; global warming from the addition of water vapor to the stratosphere; toxic wastes; groundwater pollution; space junk; microwave radiation; and the vandalism of the night sky. My 1997 book is posted here, courtesy of the Spanish website AVAATE, one of the best websites on this issue:

A year later the radiation problem asserted itself. On September 23, 1998, the world’s first satellite phones became operational. Service was provided by 66 satellites in low orbit around the Earth, launched by the Iridium Corporation. They unleashed a new kind of rain that turned the sky red and emptied it of birds for a couple of weeks.

A six-nation telephone survey was done of electrically sensitive people, support groups, and nurses and physicians serving this population. The results: 86% of electrically sensitive people and a majority of patients and support group members became ill on Wednesday, September 23 exactly, with typical symptoms of electrical illness including headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, nosebleeds, heart palpitations, asthma attacks, ringing in the ears, etc. Follow-ups revealed that some of these people were acutely ill for up to three weeks. Some were so sick they weren’t sure they would live. In the United States the national death rate rose by 4% to 5% for two weeks. During those two weeks, very few birds were seen in the sky and thousands of homing pigeons failed to return home in pigeon races throughout much of the country. This was all documented in No Place to Hide, Vol. 2, No. 1, Feb. 1999, pp. 3-4.

The second satellite service, Globalstar, began commercial service on Monday, February 28, 2000. Widespread reports of nausea, headaches, leg pain, respiratory problems, depression, and lack of energy began on Friday, February 25, the previous business day, and came from people both with and without electrical sensitivity. See No Place To Hide, Vol. 2, No. 3, March 2000, p. 18.

Iridium, which had gone bankrupt in the summer of 1999, was resurrected by a contract with the United States Armed Forces. On March 30, 2001, commercial service resumed. Again the sky turned red. Again came reports of nausea, flu-like illness and feelings of oppression. But the events that made the news were catastrophic losses of race horse foals that were reported throughout the United States and as far away as Peru. On June 5, 2001, Iridium added data and Internet to its satellite phone service. Again came widespread reports of nausea, flu-like illness and oppression, and this time also hoarseness. See No Place To Hide, Vol 3, No. 2, Nov. 2001, p. 15.

Additional details are provided in chapter 17 of my new book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press, 2017).

Between 2001 and 2019, our skies did not essentially change. Iridium and Globalstar, operating 66 and 40 satellites respectively, were still the only providers of satellite phones. The amount of data raining on us all from space was still dominated by those two fleets. The predicted fleets of thousands of satellites had not materialized. But they are doing so now. Everything we know and love is at stake—not just hawks and geese, pigeons and race horses, not just the human race, but life itself. This is a mortal threat not just to our children and grandchildren, but to all of us.

The Details

The biggest planned fleet of satellites is the Starlink constellation being launched by Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX. But there are about 150 other companies competing with Starlink, several of which are already launching satellites. The number of satellites proposed to be operated by all of these companies totals, incredibly, more than 442,000. Almost all are proposed to be orbited at altitudes ranging from 210 to 700 miles in altitude. They will all operate at millimeter wave frequencies and they will all be phased arrays. Each satellite will have thousands of antenna elements that will aim focused, steerable beams at any desired point on the surface of the earth. The effective radiated power of each beam from each of the satellites can range up to 5,000,000 watts, depending on its altitude and how many simultaneous customers it is serving. The satellites will communicate both with individual users and with gateway earth stations, of which there will be several hundred just in the United States for just the Starlink constellation.

One of the other companies planning a megaconstellation is the UK’s OneWeb. Its founder and Executive Chairman is Greg Wyler. To build and launch its constellation of 7,088

CELL PHONES: Questions and Answers

by Arthur Firstenberg

view as PDF: in English en français in italiano

How much radiation does a cell phone emit, compared to what exists in nature?

If Neil Armstrong had brought a cell phone to the moon in 1969, it would have appeared from earth to be the brightest object in the universe in the microwave spectrum. In the daytime, the sun would have been brighter, but at night, the cell phone would have outshone every star.

There is a reason cell phones are outlawed in Green Bank, West Virginia: even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind the radio astronomers there and make it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain.[1]

How does that compare to radiation from a cell tower?

Suppose there is a 2,000-watt cell tower two blocks from your house. The part of your brain next to a cell phone is absorbing up to one hundred thousand times as much radiation from the phone as it is from the tower.[2]

Are the FCC’s exposure limits the same for cell phones and cell towers?

No. Cell phones are exempt from the limits imposed on cell towers. The FCC measures exposure in milliwatts per square centimeter. Depending on frequency, the FCC’s limit for whole body exposure to radiation from distant sources is about one milliwatt per square centimeter (1 mW/cm2). The limit for partial body exposure to a cell phone is approximately 20 mW/cm2 (for the brain), which assumes the phone is held at least one and a half centimeters away from your head. It is 50 mW/cm2 (for the hands, wrists and ears). If you hold the phone flush against your head, like most people do, or tightly between your head and your shoulder, the exposure to the brain can approach 50 mW/cm2 also.[3]

Who set the exposure limits?

A radar scientist named Herman Schwan who was brought to the United States from Germany after World War II as part of Project Paperclip. He made some assumptions about the rate at which the human body is capable of getting rid of heat, and on that basis he estimated that the body could safely absorb an amount of radiation equal to 100 mW/cm2. His assumptions were soon proven wrong, since experimental animals died within minutes when exposed to that much radiation. So over the years, the safe level was reduced first to 10 mW/cm2 and later to the current limit of 1 mW/cm2.

Why is the brain exempt from those limits?

Because those limits would make cell phones impractical. And because new assumptions were made about how much heat the brain could safely absorb, and the rate at which the body could dissipate that heat. It was decided that the brain could be safely heated by up to 1° C (1.8° F).

Have these assumptions proven correct?

No. A 1° C rise in temperature is usually considered a fever. And although the brain as a whole is heated less than 1° C by a cell phone, the absorption is not uniform. DNA, for example, resonantly absorbs microwave radiation. In experiments done at the Food and Drug Administra­tion during the 1980s, DNA absorbed 400 times as much radiation as expected.[4] Research done at the Max Planck Institute in Germany in 2006 found that brain synapses may be resonantly heated by up to 100° C while the brain as a whole is heated by only 1° C.[5]

I don’t get a headache from my cell phone. Can it be that bad?

Because brain tissue has no pain receptors, we don’t feel the injury. Even a headache doesn’t tell you what’s happening inside your head. Neurosurgen Leif Salford and his colleagues in Sweden found that a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone permanently destroys up to two percent of a rat’s brain cells.[6] Superficially the rats are fine, but two percent of their brain is gone. The experiments gave similar results even when the exposure level was reduced a hundredfold. And in experiments on the blood-brain barrier, they reduced the exposure level ten thousandfold and found that damage to the blood-brain barrier was worse when the exposure level was reduced.[7]

That means that holding the phone away from your head does not protect you. It means that if you use a Bluetooth headset, which emits only 2.5 milliwatts, you are doing more damage to yourself than if you hold the phone to your head. The blood-brain barrier keeps bacteria, virusus, and toxic chemicals out of your brain and maintains the brain at constant pressure. Too much intracranial pressure can lead to a stroke.

How fast does the damage to the blood-brain barrier happen?

Leakage of the blood-brain barrier is detectable within two minutes of exposure and probably begins within seconds.

What do the stroke statistics tell us?

The incidence of stroke overall is steady or declining but it is rising in adults younger than 50,[8] and shockingly so in very young adults. A Danish study published in 2016 examined the rate of strokes in people aged 15 to 30. The annual number of strokes in that age group in Denmark rose 50 percent between 1994 and 2012, and the annual number of transient ischemic attacks (mini-strokes) in that age group tripled.[9]

I’m confused. Which is safer, low power or high power?

Neither. The higher the power, the more heat. The lower the power, the more leakage of the blood-brain barrier. The higher the power, the more your metabolism is disturbed.[10] The lower the power, the more calcium leaks out of your



by Miriam Lindbeck, in EcoDwell, the newsletter of the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Oct./Nov.2017:

by Marg Friesen, in Eco Journal, the newsletter of the Manitoba Eco-Network, Fall 2017:

by Alasdair Philips, in Caduceus, a magazine for mind, body, spirit and environment, Issue 98, Spring 2018:

by Jennifer Wood, for Environmentalists Against War, May 19, 2018:


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OUR MISSION The Cellular Phone Task Force is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. We provide: education to the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment support for individuals disabled by radiation from wireless technology and other sources.    



La ricerca medica più importante e più ignorato al mondo è stato pubblicato nel 2004 da Professor Olle Johansson, scienziato dell’Istituto Karolinska, l’istituzione che assegna il Premio Nobel per la Medicina. L’altro autore era Örjan Hallberg e il titolo era “1997 – Un anno curioso in Svezia“. Nell’autunno del 1997, in ognuna delle 21 contee del Paese, il numero di malati smise di diminuire e iniziò bruscamente ad aumentare.

Il numero di persone registrate come malati per più di un anno era in calo e ha raggiunto il minimo record di 43.256 nel luglio 1997. Il mese successivo la tendenza si è improvvisamente invertita e ha cominciato a salire vertiginosamente. Nel dicembre 2003 il numero di malati di lunga durata è stato 135.318.

Anche il numero di persone assenti dal lavoro a causa di una malattia, che era in forte calo da anni, improvvisamente ha cominciato ad aumentare. È salito da un minimo di 118.530 nell’agosto 1997 a 309.124 nel febbraio 2003.

Il numero di persone registrate con lesioni da carico (dolore al collo, alle spalle, alla schiena, ecc.) è raddoppiato tra il 1997 e il 2001.

Il numero di tentativi di suicidio da parte dei giovani è aumentato del 30% tra il 1998 e il 2001.

L’incidenza annuale di cancro alla prostata ha cominciato ad aumentare bruscamente ed è aumentato di 32% fra 1997 e 2004. A Stoccolma, negli uomini di 50-59 anni, i nuovi casi di cancro alla prostata sono aumentati di nove volte.

Il numero di feriti gravi negli incidenti stradali, in costante diminuzione, è passato da 400 nel 1996 a 1200 nel 2004. Il numero di incidenti stradali che coinvolgono conducenti di autobus è aumentato da meno di 150 nel 1997 a 250 nel 2003.

Il tempo di recupero dopo interventi chirurgici al seno o al cuore ha iniziato ad aumentare nel 1997.

Le morti per il morbo di Alzheimer hanno cominciato ad aumentare nel 1997, e le morti a causa di altre malattie neurologiche hanno cominciato ad aumentare drasticamente.

Cosa è cambiato in Svezia nell’autunno del 1997? I telefoni cellulari digitali (GSM 900 e 1800) sono stati introdotti a tutta la popolazione. Hallberg e Johansson hanno scritto:

“Nel 1997 molte grandi aziende hanno introdotto sistemi telefonici per ufficio senza fili. Uno di questi è chiamato GSM-in-Office e opera a 900 MHz… I dipendenti dovevano utilizzare il telefono cellulare per tutte le chiamate, in molti casi per le chiamate lunghe. Così, a partire dal 1997 molti dipendenti sono stati esposti a radiazioni a microonde durante tutte le ore di lavoro da piccole stazioni base, in aggiunta alla radiazione più forte dai loro telefoni durante tutte le loro chiamate.”

GlI AUTORI HANNO CONCLUSO CHE, SECONDO I LORO DATI, SONO STATI I TELEFONI CELLULARI, E NON LE TORRI TELEFONIA MOBILE, a causare il drastico declino della salute della popolazione svedese. Prima del 1997, il numero di giorni di malattia registrati per persona era maggiore nelle zone densamente popolate che nelle zone scarsamente popolate. Dopo il 1997, era il contrario: i residenti rurali erano improvvisamente più malati dei residenti della città. Questo era vero per tutti i dati che hanno esaminato: malattie a breve e lungo termine; incidenti, omicidi e suicidi; lesioni e malattie legate al lavoro; tempi di recupero della chirurgia del seno e del cuore; e malattie del sistema nervoso. Hanno notato che nelle aree meno popolate, c’è meno radiazione dai ripetitori ma più radiazione da un telefono cellulare: il telefono cellulare deve aumentare la sua potenza per mantenere una connessione. L’unica malattia che non ha seguito questo modello era il cancro alla prostata: è salito ugualmente in città e abitanti rurali. Gli autori hanno concluso che i telefoni cellulari non erano la causa del cancro alla prostata, ma erano errati. Il cervello, il seno, il cuore e il sistema nervoso sono esposti a un telefono cellulare a distanza ravvicinata quando è acceso e in uso. La prostata, al contrario, è esposta a distanza ravvicinata quando il telefono è in tasca di una persona e in standby, modalità aereo, o spento; emette ancora radiazioni a quei tempi ma la radiazione non dipende dalla distanza da una stazione base ed è quindi la stessa in città e nel paese.

Nel 2009 la situazione sanitaria in Svezia continuava a peggiorare. Hallberg e Johansson hanno esplorato lo stesso terreno in modo ancora più approfondito, in un articolo intitolato “Diminuzioni apparenti negli indicatori di salute pubblica svedesi dopo il 1997 – Sono dovute a una migliore diagnostica o a fattori ambientali?” Hanno scoperto che tutte le tendenze nel loro precedente articolo avevano continuato. Inoltre, hanno trovato:

La percentuale di neonati con problemi cardiaci ha cominciato ad aumentare dopo il 1998, e quasi raddoppiato entro il 2007.

Tra il 1997 e il 2005, l’incidenza del cancro ai polmoni è raddoppiata tra gli uomini e le donne anziani.

L’incidenza del melanoma del viso nei giovani è aumentata del 40% tra il 2000 e il 2006.

L’incidenza standardizzata dell’Alzheimer è aumentata di quasi il 300% tra il 1998 e il 2008. Ed è aumentato di circa 8.000% dal 1979, due anni dopo Apple ha inventato il personal computer e tutti hanno iniziato ad essere esposti a uno schermo di computer per ore ogni giorno. L’aumento è diventato più ripido dopo che la popolazione ha acquistato i telefoni cellulari. Prima del personal computer, l’incidenza della mortalità di Alzheimer era stata circa 0,1 per 100.000 persone durante gli anni 70 e più presto.


Quando ho bussato alla porta di Pelda Levey il 17 luglio 1996 e ho detto “Abbiamo del lavoro da fare”, nessuno che conoscevo possedeva un telefono cellulare, e il wifi non era ancora stato inventato. Gli alberi erano le strutture più alte al di fuori delle città e brulicavano di uccelli, insetti e animali selvatici. Anche gli alberi nel mio quartiere di Brooklyn erano frequentati da pappagalli selvatici.

Sono passati 28 anni. In tre decenni di attivismo da parte



Grazie alle centinaia di commenti scritti che continuano ad arrivare da lontano, abbiamo la possibilità di tenere i contatori intelligenti (smart meters) definitivamente fuori dal Nuovo Messico; di preservare il nostro Stato come rifugio ed esempio per il mondo; e di far scoppiare i semi della vita fuori dal loro involucro per farli esplodere su tutta la Terra e mettere le radici.

Sono passati 18 mesi da quando la Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) ha chiesto di cambiare tutti i suoi contatori elettrici con contatori intelligenti come parte della “modernizzazione della rete”. Si sono tenute due serie di audizioni pubbliche: nel marzo 2023 e nell’aprile 2024. La PNM ha presentato un’analisi costi-benefici che non includeva alcun costo per la salute umana o l’ambiente. I documenti legali su tale analisi sono state depositate presso la Commissione per la regolamentazione pubblica del Nuovo Messico ieri, 11 giugno 2024.

Il documento depositato ieri da New Mexicans for Utility Safety contiene stralci dei vostri commenti scritti da tutto il mondo che dipingono descrizioni vivide di ciò che i contatori intelligenti hanno fatto a voi, ai vostri cari e agli animali e alle piante che vi circondano – comprese le descrizioni di gravi lesioni, morti e senzatetto causati dalle radiazioni di questi contatori.

Vi invitiamo a leggere questo documento, a condividerlo ampiamente e a inviarlo ai media locali, alle organizzazioni ambientaliste e ai vostri governi.

Arthur Firstenberg Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile: Una storia di elettricità e vitahe P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 12 giugno 2024

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Dopo un anno e mezzo di pianificazione, si sta formando in America Centrale la prima comunità senza cellulari del XXI secolo. Chiamata Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative (ISLA), si trova su 40 acri sulla costa pacifica del Nicaragua. È una piccola parte di un complesso immobiliare recintato di 2.500 acri chiamato Gran Pacífica, circondato da dolci colline e foreste di tek e a pochi passi da chilometri di spiaggia di sabbia lavica.

Finora sono state pianificate 83 case che saranno costruite sotto la supervisione di un biologo edile certificato per ridurre al minimo le sostanze chimiche e le radiazioni wireless. Cellulari, WiFi, mouse e tastiere wireless, AirPods, orologi intelligenti, stampanti wireless e tutti gli altri dispositivi wireless saranno vietati negli spazi pubblici e privati della proprietà. L’interesse sta crescendo e i potenziali acquirenti hanno già investito 1/4 della somma necessaria per iniziare a costruire. C’è spazio per un massimo di 200 case in futuro. I progetti architettonici per la proprietà includono una piscina di acqua salata, un centro yoga e uno spazio per giardini permaculturali condivisi.

Gli alloggi vicino alla spiaggia sono stati recentemente mitigati per essere sicuri e confortevoli (bassi campi elettromagnetici) per gli investitori interessati a visitare ISLA.

Dal 1° gennaio 2024, Starlink non potrà più operare nello spazio aereo del Nicaragua.

Per ulteriori informazioni, contattare Karen Rich all’indirizzo

Arthur Firstenberg

Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile”: Una storia di elettricità e vitahe P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 30 Aprile 2024

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Astronomi in tribunale contro FCC e SpaceX


Il 29 dicembre 2022, l’International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) ha citato in giudizio la Commissione Federale per le Comunicazioni degli Stati Uniti per la decisione di approvare la richiesta di SpaceX di installare altri 30.000 satelliti in orbita bassa, oltre ai 12.000 già approvati e in procinto di riempire i nostri cieli. Il caso è il n. 22-1337, presentato alla Corte d’Appello degli Stati Uniti per il Circuito del Distretto di Columbia, e non è ancora stato deciso dalla corte.

Le fotografie a lunga esposizione del cielo scattate dagli astronomi hanno già questo aspetto:

La foto qui sopra è stata scattata da un astronomo amatoriale in una località periferica dell’Australia occidentale. Le tracce circolari sono stelle. Le tracce diritte, molto più luminose, sono tutti satelliti, tranne una traccia che è una meteora.

Di seguito è riportata un’esposizione di 77 minuti scattata dall’astronomo Dave Thanatos a Salisbury, in Inghilterra. In questo luogo più buio, le tracce circolari delle stelle sono più luminose delle tracce rettilinee delle meteore e dei satelliti che, tuttavia, riempiono l’intera cornice della fotografia. In questa immagine ci sono solo 10 meteore. Tutte le altre tracce rettilinee sono satelliti. E come ha detto l’astronomo scozzese Andy Lawrence, autore principale di “The Case for Space Environmentalism“(Il Caso per Ambientalismo nello Spazio), “Buona fortuna nel capire la differenza!”.

La fisica del plasma americana Sierra Solter ha implorato la FCC di “salvare il nostro cielo notturno… Per favore, per favore, non portatemi via le stelle. Sentire che il mio luogo di conforto e di calma – il cielo stellato – viene portato via e dato ai miliardari è soffocante”.

Il 18 dicembre 2023, la signora Solter ha pubblicato un articolo scientifico in cui espone i suoi timori per il nostro pianeta. Ognuno dei 42.000 satelliti Starlink previsti, ha scritto, ha una durata di vita progettata di soli 5 anni, dopo di che sarà de-orbitato, bruciato nell’atmosfera e sostituito. L’autrice ha calcolato che questo richiederà 23 satelliti al giorno, ciascuno delle dimensioni di un SUV o di un camion, per essere bruciati nell’atmosfera per sempre, lasciando che un’enorme quantità di sostanze chimiche tossiche e di polvere metallica si accumuli nell’aria che respiriamo e nella ionosfera.

Questo sta già accadendo, ha scritto l’autrice, e dovrebbe essere fermato se teniamo alle nostre vite. “Dall’inizio dell’industria spaziale, circa 20.000 tonnellate di materiale sono state demolite durante il rientro… Si tratta di una quantità di materiale 100 miliardi di volte superiore alla massa delle fasce di Van Allen”. Ha stimato che se 42.000 satelliti Starlink vengono dispiegati e regolarmente demoliti – per non parlare dei 1.000.000 di satelliti pianificati da altre aziende e governi – “ogni secondo l’industria spaziale aggiunge alla ionosfera una quantità di materiale conduttivo circa 2.000 volte superiore alla massa delle fasce di Van Allen”.

“A differenza dei meteoriti, che sono piccoli e contengono solo tracce di alluminio, questi relitti di navicelle spaziali sono enormi e sono costituiti interamente da alluminio e altri materiali esotici altamente conduttivi”, ha spiegato l’autrice in un articolo del 16 aprile 2024 sul Guardian.

Gran parte della polvere metallica si depositerà nella ionosfera dove, secondo l’autrice, potrebbe agire come scudo magnetico, riducendo l’ampiezza del campo magnetico terrestre nello spazio. Se ciò accadesse, l’atmosfera stessa potrebbe essere distrutta, perché il campo magnetico terrestre – la magnetosfera – è ciò che devia il vento solare e impedisce che porti via l’atmosfera della Terra, come ha detto Teresa Pulterova in un’intervista a

Tra gli altri astronomi coinvolti nel contenzioso davanti alla FCC e ora alla Corte d’Appello ci sono Meredith Rawls dell’Osservatorio Vera C. Rubin in Cile; Gary Hunt di Action Against Satellite Light Pollution nel Regno Unito; Samantha Lawler dell’Università di Regina in Canada; Graeme Cuffy di Port of Spain, Trinidad e Tobago; Mark Phillips, presidente della Società Astronomica di Edimburgo; Roberto Trotta dell’Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology di Londra; Carrie Nugent, professore associato di fisica computazionale e scienze planetarie presso l’Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts; e Cameron Nelson di Tenzing Startup Consultants in Virginia.

Nell’appello vengono citati anche altri problemi. Ad esempio, l’alluminio bruciato produce ossido di alluminio, che distrugge l’ozono e contribuisce al cambiamento climatico. Lo stesso vale per il vapore acqueo, la fuliggine e gli ossidi di azoto presenti negli scarichi dei razzi

Cameron Nelson ha dichiarato alla FCC che “gli esseri umani, per non parlare di tutte le altre forme di vita animale e vegetale, non hanno dato il loro consenso affinché SpaceX invii i segnali che propone nei nostri corpi e ci alteri irrevocabilmente”.

La BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) ha menzionato le “radiazioni RF/EMF delle stazioni di base e di terra collegate” nei commenti inviati alla FCC. Le stazioni di terra Starlink, chiamate anche Gateway, sono molto più potenti delle antenne paraboliche Starlink installate nelle case. I 2,6 milioni di parabole Starlink (a marzo 2024) inviano ciascuna un segnale alla rete mobile di satelliti che le sovrasta. Tutto questo traffico è coordinato nello spazio da migliaia di laser che collegano i satelliti tra loro e a terra dai Gateway, che ritrasmettono le migliaia di segnali in una vasta area geografica da e verso i satelliti. Ecco come appare un Gateway con 5 antenne (“radome”):

Alcuni Gateway hanno fino a 40 radome. Ciascuna di queste cupole pesa 1750 chilogrammi. Ciascuna punta un fascio stretto verso i satelliti in movimento. Secondo i documenti depositati da SpaceX presso la FCC, ogni raggio può avere una potenza irradiata effettiva di oltre 1.000.000 di watt e può puntare fino a 25 gradi sopra l’orizzonte. Se siete un uccello, non volete volare vicino a un gateway Starlink. E se siete umani, non volete nemmeno vivere vicino a un gateway Starlink. Quando un satellite punta il suo fascio di migliaia di segnali verso un gateway, il fascio ha un diametro di circa 10 miglia quando raggiunge la Terra.

Robin è un’abbonata che vive in una zona remota