Dr. Roger SantiniThe late Dr. Roger Santini, a scientist at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, was the author of many papers on non-ionizing radiation and warned about the dangers of wireless technology until his death on June 14, 2006 from pancreatic cancer.

He wrote several books on the subject, including “Téléphones cellulaires : Danger ?” (Cellular telephones : Danger ?) (1998) et “Votre GSM, Votre santé: on vous ment” (Your GSM, Your health : you’re being lied to”) (2004).

He was a co-founder of the Centre de Recherche et d’Information Indépendantes sur les Rayonnements ElectroMagnétic (Center of Research and Independent Information on Electromagnetic Radiation) (www.criirem.org), and the founder of Next-Up, a non-governmental organization concerned with wireless and power-frequency radiation.

Santini conducted the first epidemiological study of the health of people living close to cell towers. Many others have since confirmed his results.

Health Effects of Cell Phones and Cell Towers – Epidemiological Studies

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