About Us

The Cellular Phone Task Force is a nonprofit membership organization. It was founded in July 1996 in response to the health and environmental threats posed by the launch of the wireless revolution in the United States.

Board of Directors

Arthur FirstenbergArthur Firstenberg
Santa Fe, NM


Duane Dahlberg, Ph.D.

Duane Dahlberg, Ph.D.
Frazee, MN


Janet PalmerJanet Palmer
Patagonia, AZ


Tanja Rebel

Tanja Rebel
Devon, UK


Kathy Hawk, B.Sc.
Butler, PA

Marilyn Garrett
Aptos, CA

Melissa Chalmers
Ontario, Canada

Santa Fe, NM


Since 1996, the Task Force has provided a global clearinghouse for information about wireless technology’s injurious effects, and a national support network for people injured or disabled by electromagnetic fields.

Volunteers are needed at the local, national and international levels. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved.

The Cellular Phone Task Force is the oldest active organization in North America dealing with these issues. We have provided education, advocacy and support for 27 years. Our goal, by continuing to enlarge our membership, and through collaboration with other organizations, is to make electrosmog a popular concern and to represent sufficient numbers of people to make a difference in Washington, in Ottawa, and in centers of government around the world.

“Don’t worry about why, just do what you were born to do.”

– Antonia Lamb (October 3, 1943 – September 9, 2013)