New Mexico Chapter

Can you imagine your life
without a cell phone?

by Charlotte Kikel

We did more than imagine it. We did it. We live without cell phones and we want you to join us.

We are parents. We are professionals.

We are artists. We are scientists.

We are authors. We are people.

With the one common goal of living as if life on earth will continue.

For one reason or another, each of us became aware that life wasn’t only possible without this technology, it was actually better.

Sleep improved. Energy levels increased.Mental clarity prevailed. Mood stabilized. Relationships became more genuine.

Deep down, we knew that despite all the conveniences of a cell phone, something wasn’t right: starting with everyone loves a cell phone but hates a cell tower. This became a contradiction we couldn’t live with.

For the sake of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. For the sake of the birds and the bees. For the sake of the trees.

We just want to talk about it – how this invisible, odorless, tasteless, and silent toxin called radiofrequency radiation affects our bodies and all of Nature. We have exciting stories of healing to tell and information to share and you will, too, once you become aware of the issues at hand.

We want you to see what we see: that life without a cell phone is a life worth living.


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