The Invisible Rainbow – Review by Jennifer Wood

Reprinted from Environmentalists Against War, May 19, 2018

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg, is not only a marvelous opus. It is one of those once-in-a-millennium books that turn into classics.

Easy to read, hard to put down, sublimely poetic and scientifically rigorous, with a bibliography almost one-third the size of the book itself, this is a history of electricity which has never been told. It’s not only that it has been written from an environmental and biological point of view; nor that it’s mostly unspoken reverence for life is so understated that its power is hard to resist.

In the end, the power of this book lies in the meticulous care with which the author has done his research, corroborated his data and revealed his stunning findings.

We rediscover not only the ancient Chinese Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine but western doctors and scientists from the 1700s to the present day: what they’ve had to say about electricity, how it has been harnessed, and which direction it has taken in the west and in the east.

We meet Yuri Grigoriev, first assigned to research the biological effects of atomic weapons at the Institute of Biophysics in the former Soviet Union before going on to write a book about the dangers of microwave radiation from cell phone use; Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtalnd, three-time Prime Minister of Norway and former head of the World Health Organization who banned cell phones from her office for health reasons; and Dr. Samuel Milham, who showed that rural electrification caused a shocking increase in cancer rates during the 1950s.

In light of imminent plans to bring us all 5G cell phone technology on the ground and to launch thousands of satellites into space to provide wireless Internet on a global scale, The Invisible Rainbow could not have arrived at a better time.

Expecting to read about the groundbreaking work on the bioeffects of non-inonizing radiation by scientists like Martin Blank, author of Overpowered, I instead found new, comprehensive, and thoroughly documented information dating back to the 1700s.

Prior to 1889, for example, we learn that influenza epidemics occurred not annually but years or decades apart and were highly correlated with sunspots, and that the 1889 pandemic of influenza, which altered that pattern occurred in the exact year the widespread use of alternating current began.

“In that year exactly,” Firstenberg writes, “the natural magnetic activity of the earth began to be suppressed.” The earth’s magnetic field now bore, for the first time in history, the imprint of power line frequencies and their harmonics. The marvelous harnessing of electricity for humans had begun but it had a byproduct: certain precautionary measures could perhaps have been taken but were not. Each step in that development had important consequences.

I found the story of influenza particularly riveting. We go on to learn that in 1918, the radio era began, ushered in by the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. The radar era, we learn, began in 1957 with the building of hundreds of powerful radar stations in the northern hemisphere “hurling millions of watts of microwave energy skyward;” low-frequency components of these waves rode on magnetic field lines to the southern hemisphere as well.

The radar era was ushered in by the Asian Flu pandemic of 1957. In 1968, we learn the satellite era began with the launch of dozens of satellites “with relatively weak broadcast power but since they were already up in the magnetosphere they had as big an effect on it as the small amount of radiation that had managed to enter it from sources on the ground.” The satellite era was ushered in by the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic.

At the end of the twentieth century came the beginning of the wireless era and the establishment of the High Frequency Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Firstenberg describes the environmental effects of these two technological developments in depth. He brings together history, epidemiology, and cutting edge science, but he does much more. He goes to the heart of his subject, documenting the path that led to the public health crises we are facing today.

Brilliantly researched, The Invisible Rainbow explains why cancer, diabetes and heart disease rose from their previous rarity to become major killers of humanity, painting a vivid picture of what is happening at the cellular level in terms everyone can understand.

The author is uniquely situated to write such a book, perhaps by temperament, certainly by education, fate and circumstance. A top student whose medical career was cut short by injury from x-ray overdose, the author experienced firsthand, in the early 1980s, the effects of radiation poisoning, and experienced them again in 1996 with the advent of widespread commercial cell phone use. He was not alone. As he has carefully documented, millions of people were affected.

Firstenberg writes with a passion and tenacity that only a man with his particular background could summon. This is science at its best, supported by an untold personal story that few of us know or could imagine. That Firstenberg could write such a remarkable book under the appalling conditions in which he has lived for over three decades is astounding.

Rarely do we see such an unusual and integrated work of both art and science, augmented with tables, line graphs, historic etchings and contemporary photographs. Centuries of forgotten knowledge and the careers of important scientists — from Isaac Newton to Luigi Galvani to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi to Robert Becker — are woven into an unforgettable story.

The story of electricity and its previously ignored effects on humans, plants, animals and the earth’s magnetosphere open the door to a better, more informed future. Despite thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, much of the population is presently unaware of this issue.

This book is an awakening: perhaps the equivalent to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic for our age of electricity. Buy the book and read it. You just might come to realize that your life and

The Invisible Rainbow – Review by Alasdair Philips

Reprinted from Caduceus, Issue 98, Spring 2018.

Almost 30 years ago, back in 1989 when I was running the electromagnetic hazard group of Electronics and Computing for Peace, Dr. Cyril Smith and Simon Best published the ground-breaking book, Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment. It was the first comprehensive overview, pulling together a vast number of threads of different information about a wide range of natural phenomena, citing source references where possible. The main premise of the book was that the human body relies on internal electromagnetic systems and it would be surprising if people were not affected by electromagnetic fields.

In recent years there has been a plethora of books about EMF effects on health of very variable quality and usefulness. Some of the practical guides to reduce personal exposure are helpful, but none I have read came close to Electromagnetic Man as a ‘foundation primer’. With the publication of The Invisible Rainbow, that has now changed.

I am in awe of this new, 560-page, comprehensively referenced book by Arthur Firstenberg – it is a veritable mine of information about the history of the interactions of people and electricity (both natural and man-made) and the effects on their health and well-being right up to our current time. The author holds degrees in mathematics and medicine and is electrosensitive; thus, the text is written with knowledge and understanding.

Over the past 60 years I have been fascinated by electricity, electronics and radio. I already knew a great deal about the early history from Faraday onward. However, this book has been a mind-opening experience for me regarding human health and exposure to electromagnetic fields over time. It amazes me just how determinedly blind society has been about the already-known effects on life of electromagnetic field exposures. Commerce, trade and profit motives always seem to dominate decisions.

The book starts in Leyden around 1745 when it first found that electricity could be stored. That led to simple ‘electrotherapy’ machines that generally delivered an electric shock to the patient. The chapter contains a list of positive and negative effects of electricity as reported in the 18th century. Over 30 negative effects are reported and completely match agreed modern electrical hypersensitivity symptoms.

Electricity was also used, as a party trick, to charge up a woman standing on an insulating pad so that when she kissed someone on the ground, both people would receive pleasurable tingling sensations! Many doctors and ‘quacks’ started to use electric shocks to treat a wide range of conditions including pain relief, poor muscle tone, ‘female problems’, urination problems, etc.

They also started to report many adverse non-therapeutic effects such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, muscle and joint pains, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, etc. In the late 1780s one experimenter, Sigaud de la Fond, declared: ‘There are people for whom electricity can be unfortunate and very harmful.’

Part One (“From the Beginning”) comprises the first 10 chapters and sets the effects of electromagnetic fields on people, animals, birds and plants into a very helpful, historical context and takes us up to about the 1920s. It includes a very challenging and controversial section that suggests that influenza outbreaks re triggered by solar storms (hence the original ‘influenza’ name) and now also by environmental, RF exposure changes. This accounts for outbreaks occurring almost simultaneously around the world. The claim is that apparently almost all of us have dormant influenza virus inside us and it is triggered by external environmental signals. The work done to test infection and contagion routes of transferring the disease to others has not shown how it spreads. Indeed, in a household of four people often only one or two will succumb to ‘flu’ during an outbreak.

The final seven chapters constitute Part Two (‘To the Present’). These include covering heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, longevity and ageing, hearing effects and recent developments in technology from vast satellite arrays, Internet of Things in our homes and workplaces, wireless chargers and induction hobs.

He concludes: ‘As awareness spreads, it will become acceptable to turn to your neighbor and ask them to turn off their cell phone or unplug their WiFi. And that will be the beginning of recognition that we have a problem.’

This is an important book. It is a well written, interestingly informative and enjoyable read.

Alasdair Philips is an engineer and scientist who has studies the effects of electromagnetic fields on life and health for over 40 years. He is Director of Powerwatch, Technical Director of EMFields Solutions Ltd and a Trustee of Children with Cancer UK (national charity).

Rainbow lorikeets dropping from the sky

RAINBOW LORIKEETS DROPPING FROM THE SKY and many other such reports from around the world

Last Wednesday, ABC News in Australia carried a story about hundreds of rainbow-colored parrots falling dead out of the sky along a swath of the east coast of that country centered on Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. In 2010, around the time the first 4G cell towers were being built, ornithologists described the first cases of a mysterious disease that paralyzed and killed these stunning creatures. During the summer of 2019-2020, when the first 5G towers went into service, 1,500 rainbow lorikeets rained out of the skies. And last week, when more than 200 dead lorikeets were collected in just a few days, it made headlines again.

This disease, which has been named Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome, has puzzled scientists. It is not encephalomyelitis, which was described in the 1970s as an uncommon disease in these birds that began with clenching of the feet progressing to complete rigid paralysis. The brains and spinal cords of such birds were abnormal, showing edema, cell death, degeneration of neurons, and other gross abnormalities. But birds with Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome are limp, not rigid, and have no visible abnormalities. In the past 14 years, ornithologists have been at a complete loss to explain it. Tests for all known pesticides and fungicides have come back negative, and scientists have ruled out infectious diseases. And the same syndrome is being seen in flying foxes. An article in the Australian Veterinary Journal states:

“Manifestations of this disease range from the inability to fly and hindlimb weakness and ataxia, to a flaccid paralysis of all limbs and the neck, inability to blink, paralysis of the tongue, inability to swallow and voice change. The number of cases each year ranges from hundreds to thousands, making it one of the most important wildlife diseases and animal welfare concerns in Australia.”

Muriel in the UK, who brought this to my attention, writes:

“What puzzles me is that people cannot see what is going on and they do not understand why these beautiful birds are dying. Even reading the symptoms will give you a clue!

“I observe wildlife here, the birds, the bees who come to my garden. The birds get confused, and the bees, I only have a handful in the Summer now. Quite a lot of cats have been lost where I live. Too many from December to January. I really think that cats are getting confused and are getting lost as a result.”

Reports from around the world (continued)

Persephone writes from California: “I’ve had a dozen free range farmyard chickens for the last 5 years, supplemented each summer with new chickens obligingly hatched by some of the members of the flock. Every winter until this one, their egg production would drop off, but only to about half the production of the rest of the year. This winter, they stopped laying completely, even the youngest hens. This happened in early November, and there have been no eggs since. Knowing that emfs negatively affect reproduction in many species, I wonder if the increasing emf smog has finally overcome their reproductive capacity completely in these colder months. Will they start laying again in spring? I don’t know.”

Steve writes from Ontario: “I too have noticed a decline of birds at my feeders. I live just east of Toronto on Lake Ontario. What can we do?”

Felicity writes from Australia:Our experience here in Mid North South Australia with the massive wind turbines is horrible. There are no bats left here, or eagles.”

Tapani writes from Finland: “It is my observation that mosquitoes and other insects have decreased dramatically in the tropical countries. I have been working in the tropics since 1986. Until recently, I always carried two mosquito nets with me and used them always wherever I slept, at home, and in hotels. Also in Finland in summer. It was the most important item in my bag.

“Now I hardly need my mosquito nets. I just returned from the Philippines where I didn’t have to use them at all. In the Mindoro jungle island there were some mosquitoes outside at night but not many. The same is true in other tropical countries where I recently visited, Singapore, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica. The last time I used my nets was in remote Eastern Finland last summer because there were flies in the house.

“Insects, birds, and frogs have almost disappeared. The green movement doesn’t talk about the obvious reason.”

Ron writes from Australia: “Years ago I had what I hope was a precognizant dream. EVERYTHING was turned off and it felt like a whole body orgasm, so intense it woke me up, like a sense of release, I knew exactly what it was and my senses stretched out into the surrounding forest like there had been a magnet ready to plug me back into nature and I knew there was an antichinus nesting under the floor, a snake slithering down the hill about 50 meters away. I miss the birds and insects and the sound of a healthy forest so much, I am sure it will take off again if we just stop. It isn’t too late yet.

Davidina writes from England: ”I am 84 years old. I have always been a keen lover of Wildlife and in particular Butterflies and Birds. For the past 5 or 6 years, ever since a 5G mast was erected nearby, my husband and I have noticed with great alarm that there is a huge decrease in ALL Insects, Butterflies and Birds. In fact, we saw virtually NONE of any of these creatures during the past 12 months, and the numbers of these have been VERY few for at least the past two or three years. I am very, very sad at what has happened. The world is not the same place that I grew up in

Californians win, astronomers lose


Last Friday, July 12, 2024, a 3-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit gave the green light to SpaceX to keep on destroying our night sky and filling our atmosphere with metallic dust and toxic chemicals.

On December 29, 2022, the International Dark-Sky Association, representing astronomers all over the world, had appealed the decision of the Federal Communications Commission to grant SpaceX a license to launch up to 30,000 more satellites without performing an environmental review. See my newsletter of April 30, 2024 for details.

In Friday’s decision, the court ruled that satellite launches and deployment, no matter how many, “are deemed individually and cumulatively to have no significant effect on the quality of the human environment and are categorically excluded from environmental processing.”

The astronomers have 45 days to decide whether to appeal the 3-judge panel’s decision to the full 15-member Court of Appeals. Even if they do not do so, they can still appeal the panel’s decision to the U.S. Supreme Court within 90 days.

AT&T Must Maintain Its Landlines in California

On July 1, 2024, Californians won their fight to keep their landline telephones.

Last November, AT&T, which is the landline telephone provider in large parts of California, applied to the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) for permission to abandon its landlines and end analog telephone service for most people in that state. Opposition to its application was overwhelming. The City and County of San Francisco, the County of San Mateo, the County of Santa Clara, the Media Alliance, Tahoe Energy Ratepayers, the Utility Reform Network, the Center for Accessible Technology, Catalina Island Connect, California Restoration LLC, and the California Farm Bureau Federation all participated in the proceeding and all opposed AT&T’s application. Even the Public Advocates Office of the CPUC opposed the application. And on June 25, 2024, the CPUC denied the application and ordered AT&T to keep maintaining its landlines.

Meanwhile, AT&T, in an attempt to go around the CPUC, lobbied the state legislature to enact a law allowing it to end landline service. On June 10, 2024, Assemblymember Tina McKinnor introduced a bill in the California legislature (AB-2797) that would have allowed every landline provider in California to abandon its landlines. But on July 1, under immense pressure from her constituents, Assemblymember McKinnor withdrew the bill.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 July 16, 2024

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Please get rid of your cell phones now


The most important, and most ignored, medical study in the world was published in 2004 by Olle Johansson, a scientist at the Karolinska Institute, the institution that awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Its other author was Örjan Hallberg and its title was “1997 – A curious year in Sweden”. In the autumn of 1997, in every one of the 21 counties in that country, the number of sick people stopped declining and abruptly began increasing.

The number of people registered as sick for more than a year had been declining and reached a record low of 43,256 in July 1997. The following month that trend suddenly reversed direction and began rising steeply. In December 2003 the number of long-term sick was 135,318.

The number of people absent from work due to illness, which had been declining steeply for years, also suddenly began increasing. It rose from a low of 118,530 in August 1997 to 309,124 in February 2003.

The number of people registered with load injury (pain in the neck, shoulders, back, etc.) doubled between 1997 and 2001.

The number of suicide attempts by young people increased by 30% between 1998 and 2001.

The yearly incidence of prostate cancer began rising sharply and increased by 32% between 1997 and 2004. In Stockholm, in men aged 50–59, new cases of prostate cancer increased nine-fold.

The number of people seriously injured in traffic accidents, which had been steadily declining, increased from 400 in 1996 to 1,200 in 2004. The number of traffic accidents involving bus drivers increased from less than 150 in 1997 to 250 in 2003.

The recovery time after breast or heart surgery operations began increasing in 1997.

Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease began to increase in 1997, and deaths due to other neurological diseases began to increase drastically.

What changed in Sweden in the fall of 1997? Digital cell phones (GSM 900 and 1800) were introduced to the whole population. Hallberg and Johansson wrote:

In 1997 many large companies introduced wireless office phone systems. One such is called GSM-in-Office and operates at 900 MHz… The employees had to use the mobile phone for all calls, in many cases for long calls. So, from 1997 many employees became exposed to microwave radiation during all work hours from small base stations, in addition to stronger radiation from their handsets during all their calls.”

THE AUTHORS CONCLUDED THAT ACCORDING TO THEIR DATA, IT WAS THE MOBILE PHONES, AND NOT THE MOBILE PHONE TOWERS, that were responsible for the drastic decline in the health of the Swedish population. Prior to 1997, the number of sick days registered per person was greater in densely populated areas than in sparsely populated areas. After 1997, it was the reverse: rural residents were suddenly sicker than city residents. This was true for all the data they looked at: short- and long-term sicknesses; accidents, murders, and suicides; workplace-related injuries and sicknesses; breast and heart surgery recovery times; and diseases of the nervous system. They noted that in less populated areas, there is less radiation from cell towers but more radiation from a cell phone: the cell phone has to increase its power in order to maintain a connection. The only disease that did not follow this pattern was prostate cancer: it spiked equally in both city and rural dwellers. The authors concluded that mobile phones were not the cause of prostate cancer, but they were incorrect. The brain, breast, heart, and nervous system are exposed to a mobile phone at close range when it is on and in use. The prostate, by contrast, is exposed at close range when the phone is in a person’s pocket and on standby, airplane mode, or turned off; it still emits radiation at those times but the radiation does not depend on distance to a base station and is therefore the same in the city and in the country.

In 2009, the health situation in Sweden was still getting worse. Hallberg and Johansson explored the same ground in even more depth, in an article titled “Apparent decreases in Swedish public health indicators after 1997 – Are they due to improved diagnostics or to environmental factors?” They found that all the trends in their earlier article had continued. In addition, they found:

The percentage of newborns with heart problems began to increase after 1998, and almost doubled by 2007.

Between 1997 and 2005, lung cancer incidence doubled among elderly men and women.

The incidence of melanoma of the face in younger people increased by 40% between 2000 and 2006.

The age-standardized incidence of Alzheimer’s mortality increased by almost 300% between 1998 and 2008. And it increased by about 8,000% since 1979, two years after Apple invented the personal computer and everyone started being exposed to a computer screen for hours every day. The increase became steeper after the population acquired mobile phones. Before the personal computer, the incidence of Alzheimer’s mortality had been about 0.1 per 100,000 people throughout the 1970s and earlier.


When I knocked on Pelda Levey’s door on July 17, 1996 and said “We have work to do,” no one I knew owned a cell phone, and wifi had not yet been invented. Trees were the tallest structures outside of cities, and they teemed with birds, insects and wildlife. Even the trees in my Brooklyn neighborhood were frequented by wild parrots.

It is now 28 years later. In three decades of activism by the Cellular Phone Task Force and hundreds of other organizations, the world has gone from almost no mobile devices to 17,000,000,000 of them. The radiation that they produce, together with the radiation that they force all the cell towers and satellites to produce, has eradicated most of the insects, birds and wildlife on this planet and sickened the majority of its human inhabitants. Who among us sleeps well, thinks clearly, and does not suffer from one or

Briefs filed yesterday in NM smart meter case


Thanks to hundreds of written comments that continue to come in from far and wide, we have a chance to keep smart meters permanently out of New Mexico; to preserve our state as a refuge and an example to the world; and to burst the seeds of life out of their envelope to blow all over the Earth and take root.

It has been 18 months since Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) applied to change all of its electric meters to smart meters as part of “grid modernization”. Two sets of public hearings have been held — in March 2023, and again in April 2024. PNM filed a cost-benefit analysis which did not include any costs to human health or the environment. Legal briefs on that analysis were filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission yesterday, June 11, 2024.

The brief filed yesterday by New Mexicans for Utility Safety contains excerpts of your written comments from all over the world painting vivid descriptions of what smart meters have done to you, your loved ones, and the animals and plants around you — including descriptions of severe injuries, deaths, and homelessness caused by the radiation from these meters.

Please read this brief, share it widely, and send it to your local news media and to your governments.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 April 30, 2024

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Cellphone-free community forming


After a year and a half of planning, the twenty-first century’s first cellphone-free community is forming in Central America. Called Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative (ISLA), it is located on 40 acres on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It is a small part of a 2,500-acre gated real estate development called Gran Pacífica, surrounded by rolling hills and teak forest and within walking distance to miles of volcanic lava sand beach.

So far, 83 homes are planned to be built under the supervision of a Certified Building Biologist to minimize chemicals and wireless radiation. Cell phones, WiFi, wireless mice and keyboards, AirPods, smart watches, wireless printers, and all other wireless devices will be prohibited in public and private spaces throughout the property. Interest is growing, and prospective home-buyers have already invested 1/4 of the amount needed to break ground and begin building. There is space for up to 200 homes in the future. The architectural designs for the property include a salt water pool, yoga center, and space for shared permaculture gardens.

Accommodations near the beach have been recently mitigated to be safe and comfortable (low EMF) for investors interested in visiting ISLA.

As of January 1, 2024, Starlink is not allowed to operate in Nicaraguan air space.

For more information, contact Karen Rich at

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 April 30, 2024

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Astronomers in court against FCC and SpaceX


On December 29, 2022, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) sued the U.S. Federal Communications Commission over its decision to approve SpaceX’s application for up to 30,000 more low-orbit satellites, in addition to the 12,000 already approved and in process of filling our skies. This is Case No. 22-1337 before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and has not yet been decided by the court.

Long-exposure photographs of the sky by astronomers already look like this:

The above photo was taken by an amateur astronomer in a suburban location in Western Australia. The circular tracks are stars. The much brighter straight tracks are all satellites, except for one track which is a meteor.

Below is a 77-minute exposure taken by astronomer Dave Thanatos in Salisbury, England. In this darker location, the circular tracks of the stars are brighter than the straight tracks of the meteors and satellites which, however, fill the entire frame of the photograph. There are only 10 meteors in this picture. All the other straight tracks are satellites. And as Scottish astronomer Andy Lawrence, lead author of “The Case for Space Environmentalism,” said, “Good luck telling the difference!”

American plasma physicist Sierra Solter implored the FCC to “please save our night sky… Please, please, don’t take away my stars. To feel that my place of comfort and calm — a starry sky — is being taken away and given to billionaires is suffocating.”

On December 18, 2023, Ms. Solter published a scientific article detailing her fear for our planet. Each of the 42,000 planned Starlink satellites, she wrote, has a design lifespan of only 5 years, after which it will be de-orbited, burned up in the atmosphere, and replaced. She calculated that this will require 23 satellites per day — each the size of an SUV or truck — to be burned up in the atmosphere forever into the future, leaving an enormous amount of toxic chemicals and metallic dust to accumulate in the air we breathe and in the ionosphere.

This is already happening, she wrote, and should be stopped if we value our lives. “Since the beginning of the space industry, approximately 20,000 tons of material have been demolished during reentry… This amount is over 100 billion times greater than [the mass of] the Van Allen Belts.” She estimated that if 42,000 Starlink satellites are deployed and regularly demolished — let alone the 1,000,000 satellites planned by other companies and governments — “every second the space industry is adding approximately 2,000 times more conductive material than mass of the Van Allen Belts into the ionosphere.”

“Unlike meteorites, which are small and only contain trace amounts of aluminum, these wrecked spacecraft are huge and consist entirely of aluminum and other exotic, highly conductive materials,” she explained in an April 16, 2024 article in The Guardian.

Much of the metallic dust will settle into the ionosphere where, she says, it could act as a magnetic shield, reducing the magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field in space. If that happens, the atmosphere itself could eventually be destroyed, because the Earth’s magnetic field — the magnetosphere — is what deflects the solar wind and prevents it from stripping away Earth’s atmosphere, as she told Teresa Pulterova in an interview on

Other astronomers involved in the litigation before the FCC and now the Court of Appeals include Meredith Rawls with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory in Chile; Gary Hunt with Action Against Satellite Light Pollution in the UK; Samantha Lawler at the University of Regina in Canada; Graeme Cuffy of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Mark Phillips, President of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh; Roberto Trotta of the Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology in London; Carrie Nugent, Associate Professor of Computational Physics and Planetary Science at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts; and Cameron Nelson of Tenzing Startup Consultants in Virginia.

Other issues are also mentioned in the appeal. For example, the burned up aluminum produces aluminum oxide, which destroys ozone and contributes to climate change. So does the water vapor, soot, and nitrogen oxides in rocket exhaust.

Cameron Nelson told the FCC that “Humans, not to mention all other animal and plant life, have not given our consent for SpaceX to send the signals it is proposing into our bodies and irrevocably alter us.”

The BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) mentioned “RF/EMF radiation from linked base and earth stations” in comments sent to the FCC. Starlink earth stations, also called Gateways, are far more powerful than the Starlink dishes that people are putting on their homes. The (as of March 2024) 2.6 million Starlink dishes each send one signal up to the moving network of satellites above them. All of this traffic is coordinated in space by thousands of lasers linking the satellites to one another, and on the ground by Gateways, which relay the thousands of signals in a large geographic area to and from the satellites. This is what a Gateway with 5 antennas (“radomes”) looks like:

Some Gateways have up to 40 radomes. Each of those domes weighs 1750 kilograms. Each aims a narrow beam at moving satellites. According to FCC filings by SpaceX, each beam can have an effective radiated power of more than 1,000,000 watts, which it can aim as low as 25 degrees above the horizon. If you are a bird you do not want to fly anywhere near a Starlink Gateway. And if you are a human you do not want to live near one either. When a satellite aims its beam containing thousands of signals at a Gateway, that beam is about 10 miles in diameter by the time it reaches the Earth.

Robin is a subscriber who lives in a remote area of Idaho less than 3 miles from the Starlink Gateway in Colburn.

Whirling fish, bees, worms, sheep, turtles, penguins


Several of my subscribers have called my attention to this. In February 2023, in the middle of the Florida Keys — a long, narrow string of islands hooking down into the ocean from Miami — many different kinds of fish, both common and rare, began spinning round and round, or swimming frantically in circles, until they beached themselves and died. This has continued, and as of April 5, 2024 has been observed in more than 50 species, including: sharks, rays, snappers, pilchards, grunts, blue runners, squid, Goliath grouper, tarpon, snook, redfish, leatherjacket, yellowfin mojarra, scaled sardine, toadfish, mullet, permit, ballyhoo, jack crevalle, yellow jack, bonefish, pinfish, bigeye scad, sand perch, needlefish, spadefish, and the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish, which is pictured above.

No cause for this has been found. There is no evidence of a red tide, low oxygen levels, high temperatures, or parasites in the dead fish.

I was skeptical that RF radiation from cell towers could be causing this because water reflects the radiation and it shouldn’t be killing fish like it is killing birds. But I decided to investigate. Because the greatest number of reports have come from a 10-mile-long stretch of the Keys between Big Pine Key and Sugarloaf Key, I wondered if there is a military facility in that area, and there is, or was. On Cudjoe Key, located between Big Pine Key and Sugarloaf Key, there was an Air Force Base that is now operated by the Department of Homeland Security. And above Cudjoe Key floats a radar blimp, called an “aerostat”, that is part of U.S. border surveillance and scans an area around it for 200 miles in every direction. Powerful radar can injure fish when they swim to the surface in these shallow waters, called the Florida Keys flats, where the water is only a few feet deep. Local residents call this blimp Fat Albert.

There may be underwater sonar in use at this facility as well, which would be likely to affect all the fish, either alone or in combination with the radar. In November 2022, the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) at Cudjoe Key began recruiting for a variety of positions, including Flight Director, Site Laborer, Logistics Supply Coordinator, Logistician, General Maintenance Worker, and one position that was advertised as “Electronic Technician – Aerostat Sonar / Radar – Blimp Surveillance System – Cudjoe Key, FL”.

The sudden large number of job openings makes one suspect that this facility has recently been upgraded and has increased the scope of its operations, which evidently now includes ocean sonar.

The person who first observed fish circling to death, and called attention to it, was Gregg Furstenwerth, a diver who lives in Cudjoe Key.


As I reported three years ago, the launching of almost 100 satellites by SpaceX and OneWeb on a single day on March 24, 2021 caused illness all over the planet in both humans and animals. Among the effects on animals was a spiraling, or circling phenomenon in worms (photo taken in Hoboken, New Jersey on March 25, 2021):

and in sheep (photo taken in England on March 26, 2021):


In 2021, Japanese scientists reported on bizarre circling behavior of green sea turtles, Antarctic fur seals, king penguins, a whale shark, a tiger shark, and a Cuvier’s beaked whale. This was observed in the seas off Oahu, Hawai’i; Okinawa, Japan; Moheli Island, Comoro; Chichijima Island, Japan; Possession Island in the Indian Ocean; Bird Island in South Georgia; and the Ogasawara Islands in the western North Pacific Ocean. The animals circled round and round for up to an hour. “One turtle swam in large circles 76 times, with each loop taking 16 to 20 seconds”, reported New Scientist. This behavior was also caused by radiation: all these different whirling sea animals wore computers (“multi-channel data loggers”) and VHF transmitters, and the sea turtles also wore GPS devices. Instead of enabling them to study the animals’ behavior, the devices were causing the bizarre behavior.


Grayson in North Carolina is one of my subscribers who sent me information about the circling fish in the Florida Keys. He reports also on circling bees:

“I still have the sample of carpenter bees harmed by a wi-fi light sensor at my home in 2016ish. They did the same thing. They passed through the sensor’s field and dropped to the base of the light and crawled around in circles for days… There were 23 total and they did not respond to water or honey and water or anything. They just crawled around in circles.”

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA +1 505-471-0129 April 16, 2024

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Power level is irrelevant


Just one violin out of tune in an orchestra, or one voice off-key in a choir, will ruin a beautiful harmony, or an enchanting ensemble. It matters not how loudly it grates, or how softly; if it does not stop, the performance will come to an end.

So it is with the cells of our bodies, and of the birds, insects, animals and plants whose music fills the Earth. When a jarring note is introduced, no matter how softly, chords become discords, melody becomes noise, life degrades and disappears.

Life, Information, and Electricity

The cohesion of life does not come from chemistry. It comes from the Earth, Sun and stars.

K.H. Li wrote, in his forward to the book, Electromagnetic Bio-Information:

“It is the informational aspect of biological systems that characterizes the essential view of life. And this is less reflected by biochemical findings, but rather by a level beyond the domain of chemical reactivity, namely that of electromagnetic fields.” [1]

Nikolai Kositsky, Aljona Nizhelska and Grigory Ponezha reviewed 40 years of research in Ukraine and Russia and concluded:

“Biological effects [of electromagnetic radiation] depend not on the strength of the energy carried into one or another system, but on the information carried into it.” [2]

Grundler and F. Kaiser wrote:

“Living cells exhibit a high degree of information processing and communication… It is clearly demonstrated that a fast oscillating, very weak outer field is influencing biological reactions of cells… We have to take into account an ‘internal’ oscillator (the cell itself or parts of the cell or of its environment) coupling with the outer field.” [3]

John Zimmerman and Vernon Rogers wrote:

“Electromagnetic bioinformation depends on the ability of organisms to emit, receive, and interpret spatiotemporal patterns of electromagnetic fields.” [4]

Herbert L. König, a student of Winfried Schumann, wrote:

“Electromagnetic forces in general must play a role of an as yet incalculable importance in the information transfer between or to living organisms.” [5]

Ulrich Warnke wrote:

“The communicative form of antennae contact in bees and ants can be registered by an oscillograph. Every time a short contact occurs between the antennae a signal is generated in the electrolyte system of the recipient in the form of an impulse.” [6]

Günther Becker showed that the rate of gallery building by termites was affected by the existence of termites in an adjoining container, but not if the wall between them was shielded with a conductive material. “These results indicate that communication among termite groups is based on either electric or electromagnetic fields produced by the insects,” he wrote. [7]

Bernhard Ruth wrote that the growth of plants and animals cannot be explained in terms of chemical reactions because “all chemical reactions occur equally in all directions” and biological growth is directional. “The existing cells of an organism have to determine when and where a new cell is to be generated by mitosis. This can only be achieved by means of an information transfer which stimulates the required cell to divide, and which is not emitted in all directions homogenously.” [8]

Helmut A. Fischer wrote:

“There is good reason for believing that, in addition to mechanical and chemical forms of communication, there are more biophysical ways of communication… The findings made so far confirm that the biochemical processes in a cell, besides thermic effects, also elicit other electromagnetic signals.” [9]

Igor Jerman wrote:

“Coherent electromagnetic oscillations in cells permit ordered intermolecular processes and highly selective attractions between enzymes and substrates. These oscillations… represent an important means of intercellular long-range connection and thus have an important role in maintaining an intercellular order… Neoplasms follow from the fact that some of the cells within the organism escape from the intercellular coherent field and thus from the intercellular order.” [10]

Living cells emit signals throughout the electromagnetic spectrum

In their study, “Electromagnetic emission at micron wavelengths from active nerves,” Allan Fraser and Allan Frey measured infrared emissions from nerves with wavelengths between 2 and 20 microns, at a strength of 6 μW/cm2. [11]

Bernhard Ruth detected light photons emitted by plants:

“The light intensity emitted by seedlings of wheat, beans, lentils and corn varied between 700 cps (counts per second) and 250 cps… The spectral distribution extended from 400 nm to 600 nm… Yeast cells show a radiation of between 150 and 380 nm.” [8]

Shou Sin-Sung wrote that “DNA is a possible radiation source.” [12]

A.H. Jafary-Asl and Cyril W. Smith detected radio frequency signals from yeast at a frequency of 8 MHz. [13]

Herbert A. Pohl detected signals at 7 and 33 kHz from a species of algae. [14]

Kent Pollock and Douglas G. Pohl in dielectrophoresis studies detected RF emissions from mouse cells at frequencies between 4 and 9 MHz. Similar emissions were detected from cells from bacteria, yeast, worms, chickens, frogs, monkeys, and humans. Maximum emissions occurred during cell division, and no emissions from dead cells:

“The evidence from the m-DEP experiments and from the closely related pattern experiments consistently indicate that cells are producing radio frequency electric fields.” [15]

Sergey Sit’ko and his colleagues measured emissions from the human body between 37-78 GHz at 10-15 to 10-16 mW/cm2Hz. [16]

It takes little or no power to interfere with life

Allan Frey wrote:

“Electromagnetic fields are not a foreign substance to living beings like lead or cyanide. With foreign substances, the greater the dose, the greater the effect — a dose-response relationship. Rather, living beings are electrochemical systems that use very low frequency EMFs in everything from protein folding through cellular communication to nervous system function. To model how EMFs affect living beings, one might compare them to the radio we use to listen to music.

“The EMF signal the radio detects and transduces into the sound of music is almost unmeasurably weak. At the same time, there are, in toto, strong EMFs impinging on

Where have all the insects gone?

WHERE HAVE ALL THE INSECTS GONE? Satellites are taking them, every one

The least noticed and greatest assault on Earthly life rains on us from the sky. Nature’s wires strung above us from horizon to horizon, carrying the electricity that helps power our bodies, and the information that informs our growth, healing, and daily lives, now carries dirty electricity — millions of frequencies and pulsations that confuse our cells and organs, and dim our nervous systems, be we humans, elephants, birds, insects, fish, or flowering plants.

The pulsations pollute the Earth beneath our feet, surround us in the air through which we fly, course through the oceans in which we swim, flow through our veins and our meridians, and enter us through our leaves and our roots. The planetary transformer that used to gentle the solar wind now agitates, inflames.

The lake pictured above is the United Kingdom’s largest. Located in Northern Ireland, Lough Neagh swarms so densely with flies every spring and summer that residents shut their windows against the living smoke. Clothes left out on a line are covered with them. So is any windshield on a vehicle traveling around the lough’s 90-mile shoreline. Until 2023.

Last year, unbelievably, no flies were to be seen. Windshields and hanging clothes were bare of them. None flew into open windows. Other species that used to eat them were gone as well — ducks, frogs, fish, eels, and predatory insects. Fly larvae were not there to keep the lake bottom clean. Little was alive in the lough except an overgrowth of algae. “Has the ecosystem of the UK’s largest lake collapsed?” asked The Guardian in a February 19, 2024 article.

Has the ecosystem of the entire Earth collapsed? we ask, for the same is happening all over, according to reports I have been receiving for a year from almost everywhere on every continent.

56 Years of Global Vandalism

On June 13, 1968, the United States completed its launch of the world’s first constellation of military satellites. Twenty-eight of them, more than twice as many satellites as were in orbit around the Earth until then, were lofted to an altitude of 18,000 miles, in the heart of the outer Van Allen radiation belt. The “Hong Kong” flu pandemic began two weeks later and lasted for almost two years.

For the next three decades, the skies slowly filled up with hundreds of satellites, mostly for military purposes. Then in the late 1990s, cell phones became popular.

On May 17, 1998, a company named Iridium completed its launch of a fleet of 66 satellites into the ionosphere, at an altitude of only 485 miles, and began testing them. They were going to provide cell phone service to the general public from anywhere on earth. Each satellite aimed 48 separate beams at the earth’s surface, thus dividing the planet into 3,168 cells. Reports of insomnia came from throughout the world.

Iridium’s satellites began commercial service on September 23, 1998. The effect was devastating. I contacted 57 people in my network in 6 countries, plus two nurses, one physician, and a support group for patients. 86% of the people I interviewed, and the majority of patients and support group members, became ill on Wednesday, September 23 exactly, with headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, nosebleeds, heart palpitations, asthma attacks, ringing in the ears, etc. One person said it felt like a knife went through the back of her head early Wednesday morning. Another had stabbing pains in the chest. Some, including me, were so sick we weren’t sure we were going to live. We were all acutely ill for up to three weeks. I suddenly lost my sense of smell on September 23, and did not recover it for six years. Mortality statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control revealed a 4% to 5% rise in the national death rate beginning the last week in September and lasting two weeks. Some people reported a reddish sky the night of September 23.

In early December 1998, I again received telephone calls from far and wide asking me what had changed. Orbcomm, providing data service to industries, had gone commercial on November 30 with 28 satellites orbiting 500 miles up.

On July 25, 1999, another company, Globalstar, achieved worldwide cell phone coverage with 32 satellites, 876 miles up, and began testing. I again received calls from people who were certain the earth felt different again.

On February 28, 2000, Globalstar completed its constellation of 48 satellites and went commercial. Nausea, headaches, leg pain, and respiratory problems were widespread, both among people who called themselves electrically sensitive and people who did not. The effects were felt starting on Friday, February 25, the previous business day.

Iridium, which had gone bankrupt in August 1999, resumed full commercial cell phone service worldwide on March 30, 2001 after signing a contract with the U.S. military. The night of March 30 was accompanied by an even more intense and widespread red sky than the one that had accompanied its initial launch of service two and a half years previously. A red aurora was seen in the northern hemisphere as far south as Mexico, as well as in the southern hemisphere. There was a catastrophic loss of Kentucky race horse foals in late April and early May, and since mares abort several weeks to a month after a viral infection or other triggering event, this put the triggering event at about the end of March. Similar foaling problems were reported at the same time from Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, northern Michigan, and Peru. Breeders also reported both newborn and older horses with unusual eye problems, and adult horses with pericarditis.

On June 5, 2001, Iridium added data to its voice service, including connection to the Internet. Hoarseness was a prominent complaint of many who contacted me during the next few weeks.

For the next two decades, Iridium and Globalstar were the


Dal 9 all’11 febbraio 2024, sciatori di fama mondiale provenienti da tutto il mondo si riuniranno a Lake Placid, New York, per saltare da un ripetitore.

Un collega mi ha segnalato questo orrore. Tra poche settimane si terrà a Lake Placid un evento di Coppa del Mondo di salto con gli sci FIS, ospitato dall’Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). Lei e sua figlia hanno visitato il luogo come turisti la scorsa settimana. Ha scattato la foto qui sopra della torre dopo averla scalata. Scrive:

“Mentre stavamo arrivando in cima alle scale interne per i turisti (dopo l’ascensore) presso il complesso olimpico di salto con gli sci a Lake Placid, NY, improvvisamente mi sono sentita di svenire e di avere le vertigini e ho iniziato a perdere l’equilibrio. Ho chiesto a mia figlia di aggrapparsi a me, mentre io mi aggrappavo alla ringhiera. Mi sono tirata verso l’alto fino al gradino più alto, ma quando sono arrivata al piano del “pianerottolo” – prima di qualsiasi parte di vedetta – improvvisamente mi sono sentita come se la mia testa fosse in una morsa – una sensazione strana e nuova per me, che non assomigliava a nessun mal di testa che avessi mai avuto in vita mia, con entrambi i lati della testa che si sentivano come se fossero premuti verso l’interno, e con forza. Poi, quando sono uscita, ho provato un’altra sensazione decisamente nuova, nel petto, come se il mio cuore fosse scosso vigorosamente su e giù, velocemente e con forza. A quel punto ho alzato lo sguardo e ho visto un enorme fascio di antenne che sembrava trovarsi a circa 9 metri sopra e a sinistra della mia testa.

“Rimasi stordito mentre avanzavo verso il punto in cima alla pista da sci, dove i saltatori si “lanciano”. Quando finalmente siamo scesi al livello successivo per prendere la “Zip Line” per i turisti e scendere in fondo alla pista da sci, ho sentito un enorme sollievo nel mio corpo. Ma sono rimasto inorridito dal fatto che qui presto gareggeranno e salteranno atleti di tutto il mondo, con la necessità di massima concentrazione ed equilibrio”.

Nel 1999 c’erano tre antenne sulla torre del trampolino da sci, alta 277,9 piedi, e nel corso degli anni ne sono state aggiunte e potenziate altre due dozzine. Il danno è aumentato nel 2021, quando Verizon e T-Mobile hanno aggiunto altre antenne, è aumentato ancora nel 2022, quando AT&T ne ha aggiunte altre, ed è aumentato ancora il 9 dicembre 2023, quando Verizon ha aggiornato alcune delle sue antenne in vista dell’imminente evento della Coppa del Mondo. Ora ci sono tre livelli di antenne a pannello che circondano la torre del trampolino da sci su tre lati, oltre a una mezza dozzina di antenne a frusta in cima. Quando gli sciatori si trovano in cima alla pista da sci, se guardano in alto possono vedere, a circa 30 metri sopra di loro, il livello superiore di antenne per cellulari sulla parte anteriore della torre e le antenne a frusta sulla parte superiore. Non possono vedere le antenne dei cellulari sul retro, né le due file di antenne più basse su ciascun lato, alcune delle quali si trovano allo stesso livello della loro posizione.

Quando uno sciatore si siede sulla barra da cui si lancerà, viene irradiato direttamente dall’alto sia dalle antenne a pannello che da quelle a frusta, e questa radiazione rimbalza sulla neve riflettente sotto di lui mentre scia lungo la pista prima del salto, quadruplicando la radiazione a causa delle riflessioni. E questo non è nemmeno il problema principale. Il danno causato dalle radiazioni non è solo dovuto al loro livello di potenza, ma anche alla loro larghezza di banda e al numero di segnali in cui si è immersi. Le antenne di questa torre per il salto con gli sci trasmetteranno centinaia o migliaia di segnali contemporaneamente durante l’evento di Coppa del Mondo, quando ogni spettatore utilizzerà il proprio telefono cellulare.

ORDA, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski et de Snowboard) e gli sciatori che intendono recarsi a Lake Placid per partecipare alla Coppa del Mondo di salto con gli sci di febbraio devono essere avvertiti che questa torre per il salto con gli sci è un gigantesco ripetitore molto pericoloso per gli atleti.

Il numero di telefono dell’Olympic Jumping Complex di ORDA è (518) 302-5919. L’indirizzo e-mail della FIS è e il numero di telefono in Svizzera è +41 (0)33 244 6161. Il presidente della FIS, Johan Eliasch, è un miliardario, un appassionato sciatore e un vero ambientalista. Ha fondato il Rainforest Trust, che ha acquistato 37 milioni di ettari di foresta pluviale in tutto il mondo per impedirne il disboscamento. È co-fondatore e co-presidente di Cool Earth, che fornisce denaro direttamente alle popolazioni delle foreste pluviali per proteggere sia loro che le foreste vitali in cui vivono. Dovrebbe essere istruito sulle radiazioni a radiofrequenza e su ciò che esse fanno agli atleti, alle persone in generale e al nostro mondo. Può essere contattato sul suo sito web personale, qui:

Sono graditi suggerimenti su come pubblicizzare l’accaduto e sfruttare questa opportunità per educare il pubblico sui danni alla salute e all’ambiente della tecnologia wireless.

Ecco come appare l’intero complesso del salto con gli sci:

Arthur Firstenberg Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile / The Invisible Rainbow): Una storia di elettricità e vita Casella postale 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 STATI UNITI D’AMERICA telefono: +1 505-471-0129 18 2024 gennaio

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World Cup Radiation Event

On February 9-11, 2024, world-class skiers from around the globe will gather at Lake Placid, New York for the purpose of jumping off a cell tower.

A colleague alerted me to this horror. There will be an FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Event at Lake Placid in a few weeks, hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). She and her daughter visited the location as tourists last week. She took the above photograph of the tower after they had climbed it. She writes:

“As we were getting to the top of the tourists’ indoor stairs (after the elevator ride) at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid, NY, I suddenly felt faint and dizzy, and began to lose my balance. So I asked my daughter to hang onto me, as I gripped the railing. I pulled myself upward to the top step, but as I got to the ‘landing’ floor — before any lookout part — I suddenly felt as if my head were in a vise — a strange new feeling for me, not like any headache I had ever had in my life, with both sides of my head feeling as if they were being pressed inward, and hard. Then, when I walked outside, I felt another distinctly new feeling — in my chest — as if my heart were being vigorously shaken up and down, fast and hard. That is when I looked up and saw a huge bundle of antennas that seemed to be about 30 feet directly above and to the left of my head.

“I remained dizzy as I forged forward to the place at the top of the ski slope, where the ski jumpers ‘launch.’ When we finally went down to the next level to take the tourists’ ‘Zip Line’ ride down to the bottom of the ski slope I felt a tremendous relief in my body. But I remained horrified that this is where athletes from all over the world will soon compete and jump off, with the need for supreme focus and balance.”

There were three antennas on the 277.9-foot-tall ski-jump tower in 1999, and two dozen more antennas have been added and upgraded over the years. The harm increased in 2021 when Verizon and T-Mobile added more antennas, increased again in 2022 when AT&T added more, and increased again on December 9, 2023 when Verizon upgraded some of its antennas in preparation for the upcoming World Cup Event. There are now three tiers of panel antennas surrounding the ski jump tower on three sides, as well as half a dozen whip antennas on top. When skiers are at the top of the ski slope, if they look up they can see, about 30 feet above them, the top tier of cell phone antennas on the front of the tower, and the whip antennas on the top. They cannot see the cell phone antennas in back, or the two tiers of lower cell phone antennas on each side, some of which are at the same level as where they are standing.

When a skier sits on the bar from which he or she will launch, he or she is irradiated directly from above by both panel and whip antennas, and that radiation bounces off the reflective snow beneath him or her while skiing down the slope prior to jumping, which quadruples the radiation because of the reflections. And that is not even the main problem. The harm done by the radiation is caused not only by its power level but by its bandwidth and the number of signals you are bathed in. The antennas on this ski jump tower will be broadcasting hundreds or thousands of signals simultaneously during the World Cup Event when every spectator will be using his or her cell phone.

ORDA, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski et de Snowboard), and the skiers who are planning to come to Lake Placid to compete in February’s World Cup ski jumping event should be warned that this ski jump tower is a mammoth cell tower that is very dangerous to athletes.

The phone number of ORDA’s Olympic Jumping Complex is (518) 302-5919. The email address for FIS is and their phone number in Switzerland is +41 (0)33 244 6161. The President of FIS, Johan Eliasch, is a billionaire, an avid skier, and a true environmentalist. He founded the Rainforest Trust, which has purchased 37 million acres of rainforest throughout the world to keep them from being logged. He is the co-founder and co-chair of Cool Earth, which gives cash directly to rainforest peoples to protect both them and the life-giving forests that they live in. He should be educated about RF radiation and what it is doing to athletes, people in general, and our world. He can be contacted on his personal website, here:

Suggestions are welcome as to how to publicize this and use this opportunity to educate the public about the harm to health and environment of wireless technology.

This is what the whole ski jumping complex looks like:

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 January 18, 2024

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More reports from around the world


The reports continue to come in from around the world. The billions of mobile devices and the 9,000 satellites are rapidly replacing the bugs, birds and beasts of the Earth.

Patricia writes from Missouri: “I have been living in rural southwest Missouri for the last 25 years without a mobile phone. When I bought my home in 2005, the soil on the lot was extremely poor and very compacted from having been driven over with riding mowers for many years. I wanted to bring it back and turn my whole yard into a ‘food forest’. I started by sowing clover and cultivating the dandelions instead of trying to get rid of them as so many people do. After the clover started to blossom, I noticed it was being visited by thousands of bumblebees. I had so many hummingbirds that three feeders were needed to keep them from fighting for access. Mosquitoes were almost non-existent around my area.

“At night I could see hundreds of bats flying around, and in spring the yard and whole area was filled with the peeping of little green tree frogs. They would perch along the rim of my swimming pool and lay their eggs in the water. (Note, the town does not chlorinate the water supply and I do not chlorinate the pool.) Every morning I would check the pool for their eggs and move them to a small pool that I set up just for the frogs, where I would feed the tadpoles and change the water as needed (keeping the tadpoles in buckets during the changes).

“After I had been living here for six years, the first cell tower was erected at the edge of town. Over the next few years, more towers went up, until the whole area was saturated with RF radiation. The town also used a federal grant to change all the electric meters to electronic ones and do away with the analog meters. Each year since, the number of bumblebees seemed to shrink by half, even though I still have the clover and dandelions. During the past 4-5 years, I could count the number of bumblebees on one hand. The last two years I’ve seen only one or two per YEAR. The hummingbirds are totally gone. I used to find their nests in the fall when thinning.

“Worst of all is the complete annihilation of the tree frogs. Even friends who live out in the sticks and have ponds on their property have noticed the recent “silent spring” phenomenon. Speaking of silent springs: It used to be nearly impossible to sleep past dawn with the windows open in spring, summer and fall here due to the enormous numbers of songbirds that produced a daily morning and evening symphony. Their numbers have declined to the point where I have to actively listen for them in order to hear them at all.

“I could go on about the diminished numbers of butterflies, crickets, praying mantises, spiders and earthworms I’ve observed. The declines are not limited to the smaller critters; there used to always be cottontail rabbits in the yard, and I haven’t seen one of them in recent years. I have lost more pets to cancer since 2010 than I care to count. There aren’t even any mice anymore! My personal health has declined severely as well. At the same time there have been notable increases in the numbers of mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks — to the point where it is miserable spending a few minutes outside.”

Birds and spiders eat ticks and chiggers. Birds and bats eat mosquitoes. So mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks, being hardy, multiply when their predators are gone. But not for long:

Marie writes from Sweden: “Even the ticks are gone in some areas.”

Daniel writes from Los Angeles: “I hardly see any moths anymore.”

Sonya writes from Surrey, England: “Last year I only had two large flies in the house and both died within a few hours. When I was a teenager in the Midlands during the 1950s, I couldn’t open my bedroom window during the hot summers because there were banks of midges swarming under the eaves; even here in Surrey five years or so ago, there used to be a few midges around inside the house during a hot evening. I saw none last year.”

Renee write from the UK: “For the last 3 years, we’ve seen fewer and fewer bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This last growing season we saw only a few bees or butterflies — hardly any insects at all!”

Robert writes from Austria: “I worked for 30 years in a large hospital in Vienna. There I worked with the air conditioning systems. They were very large and had correspondingly large filters. When I first worked there in the ‘90s, we had to sweep up all sorts of flies under the external filters. A 110 liter plastic bag was pretty much full. 30 years later there are only a few hand shovels full (approximately 20 liters) to sweep up. The continuous decline of insects has really shocked me.

The e-radiation decimates the insects so much. It is the worst massacre in the world. It finally has to stop.”

Marianna writes from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: “There are new 5G cell phone antennas put onto an apartment house here with a giant crane. It’s a room of antennas on two buildings near me and I am suffering!

“There are very few songbirds or robins, no skylarks, no sparrows, fewer ducks and Barrow’s goldeneyes, fewer crows, etc. Also, there have been no flowers on bushes or fruit produced as in the past. I have watched a fig tree produce fruit in 2022 only to see the fruit harden and shrivel at harvest time as all the leaves cascaded to the ground at once. This year I watched again and actually got a few handfuls of figs but watched the majority shrivel



Il 19 dicembre 2023, sulla rivista New Phytologist, (Il Nuovo Fitologo), dei ricercatori francesi hanno pubblicato uno studio su un altro aspetto del declino della vita sulla Terra. Le popolazioni di api e di altri impollinatori sono diminuite a tal punto che le piante da fiore che necessitavano di insetti per riprodursi in modo efficiente si sono evolute in meno di 25 anni per diventare migliori autoimpollinatori e per non aver bisogno di insetti per riprodursi.

Le viole del pensiero provenienti da semi raccolti alla fine degli anni ’90 e all’inizio del 2000 sono state coltivate accanto a viole del pensiero provenienti da semi raccolti nel 2021. I tassi di autoimpollinazione erano del 27% più alti nelle piante cresciute dai semi più recenti. I fiori erano più piccoli. I petali erano più corti. I labelli – le piattaforme di atterraggio che attirano gli insetti – erano più piccoli. Il tempo di fioritura era più breve. Si apriva un minor numero di fiori al giorno. Gli speroni nettariferi erano più corti, c’erano meno guide nettarifere e i fiori producevano meno nettare. Un numero maggiore di bombi ha visitato i fiori cresciuti dai vecchi semi rispetto a quelli cresciuti dai nuovi semi.

Gli autori hanno messo in guardia dagli effetti a cascata sulle popolazioni di insetti: “Queste diminuzioni nella produzione di nettare possono rafforzare il declino degli impollinatori se i livelli di nettare scendono al di sotto di quelli necessari per sostenere le popolazioni di api selvatiche. I cambiamenti ambientali possono quindi rappresentare una doppia minaccia per le popolazioni di impollinatori, che diventano vittime sia dei cambiamenti stessi sia dell’evoluzione dei tratti delle piante”.

Gli autori hanno messo in guardia dagli effetti a cascata sulle popolazioni di insetti: “Queste diminuzioni nella produzione di nettare possono rafforzare il declino degli impollinatori se i livelli di nettare scendono al di sotto di quelli necessari per sostenere le popolazioni di api selvatiche. I cambiamenti ambientali possono quindi rappresentare una doppia minaccia per le popolazioni di impollinatori, che diventano vittime sia dei cambiamenti stessi che dell’evoluzione dei caratteri delle piante”.

Gli autori hanno elencato solo l’inquinamento, la distruzione dell’habitat e le specie aliene come cause del collasso degli impollinatori. Ho inviato agli autori una lettera, con link a revisioni della letteratura, per informarli che le radiazioni RF sono la causa principale del declino degli insetti. Li ho invitati a unirsi alla coalizione di scienziati, organizzazioni e individui che stiamo formando per affrontare l’emergenza globale delle radiazioni.


Jean scrive dal Queensland, Australia: “Vivo in un villaggio per anziani e quest’anno ho notato meno insetti rispetto al passato. Raramente vedo un’ape”.

Leroi scrive dalla Francia: “Anche qui il numero di insetti e uccelli è diminuito notevolmente (di 2/3), mentre il 5G non è ancora stato installato…! Il numero di nascite di animali ed esseri umani disabili è in aumento dagli anni ’90, inizio della diffusione dell’uso del computer”.

Chrisleine scrive dall’Andalusia, in Spagna: “Molti dei sintomi che descrivi si avvertono anche qui: quasi niente uccelli; niente colombe. Quest’anno nemmeno un’ape nel mio giardino”.

Emma scrive dal Sudafrica: “La prima torre 5G è stata installata nel 2019, a 50 metri da me. Nel giro di pochi giorni ho avuto una polmonite fungina. Un paio di settimane dopo ho avuto palpitazioni che non si fermavano. E adesso… animali domestici malati, perdita di insetti, io sono ancora più malata. C’è anche un’epidemia di “influenza aviaria” e di influenza dei conigli (sì, proprio così!). Ci sono molti uccelli morti, ma l’intera popolazione di conigli è morta nella zona di Kyalami. Prego per la liberazione di questo pianeta dalle radiazioni”.

Tammy scrive dal New Brunswick, Canada: “Le torri cellulari hanno ucciso tutti gli uccelli e gli insetti a Kings Place, dove lavoravo. Avevamo un problema di uccelli, che nidificavano sui tetti, ma ora non più. Tutti gli uccelli sono spariti. Non rimango più all’interno delle aree urbane perché ora sono tossiche per le frequenze microonde. Per questo motivo, sto andando avanti da 4 anni senza l’inalatore per l’asma, senza farmaci per le allergie, senza vaccini, e non ho avuto nessun raffreddore, nessuna influenza, nessun COVID, niente. È fantastico. Una vita a bassi campi elettromagnetici è una vita più sana. Punto. Gli Amish hanno sempre avuto ragione”.

Doug scrive da North Hollywood, California: “Ho notato meno uccelli nel mio quartiere. Prima ne sentivamo molti al mattino. Ora non ne sento quasi più”.

Charles scrive dall’Himalaya: “Vivo in un ashram remoto e le cose andavano bene con la fauna selvatica, anche il 2G era fattibile, ma quando il 2G è passato al 4G, la decimazione delle popolazioni di uccelli e insetti è stata notata sia dagli abitanti del villaggio che dagli abitanti dell’ashram, ma come dici tu, tutti sono troppo occupati ad ascoltare la musica per fare davvero qualcosa al riguardo”.

Karl scrive dalla Germania: “Sono 74 e un professionista IT. Ho osservato per 20 anni come le gru attraversano la nostra casa ogni autunno durante il loro volo verso sud. Ora c’è una grande torre di trasmissione a circa 20 chilometri di distanza con un collegamento radio che passa direttamente davanti casa nostra. Se gli uccelli migratori entrano in questa zona, la loro navigazione è alla fine. Non sanno cosa fare e finiscono qui sul prato. Molte volte, in qualche modo sono riusciti a trovare la loro strada più tardi o il giorno successivo.

“Quest’anno, poiché la rete radio qui, come ovunque, è stato notevolmente ampliato con 5G, tra le altre cose, un certo numero di uccelli sono finiti qui di nuovo. Ma per tutto il giorno ho potuto osservare stormi che si giravano e volavano indietro, perché non riuscivano a trovare la loro strada! Gli uccelli sbarcati sono ancora qui da un paio di settimane e probabilmente svernano qui se sopravvivono, in quanto è in realtà troppo freddo qui e

Our Changing Earth


On December 19, 2023, in the journal New Phytologist, French researchers published a study on yet another aspect of the decline of life on Earth. The populations of bees and other pollinators have declined so much that flowering plants that required insects in order to reproduce efficiently have evolved in less than 25 years to become better self-pollinators and to not need insects to reproduce.

Field pansies from seeds collected in the late 1990s and early 2000s were grown next to pansies from seeds collected in 2021. Self-pollination rates were 27% higher in the plants grown from the newer seeds. The flowers were smaller. The petals were shorter. The labella — the landing platforms that attract insects — were smaller. The flowering time was shorter. Fewer flowers opened per day. The nectar spurs were shorter, there were fewer nectar guides, and the flowers produced less nectar. More bumblebees visited the flowers that grew from the old seeds than from the new seeds.

The authors warned of cascading effects on insect populations: “These decreases in nectar production may then reinforce pollinator declines if nectar levels fall below those necessary to sustain wild bee populations. Environmental changes may thus present a double jeopardy to pollinator populations, as they become victims of both the changes themselves and of plant trait evolution.”

The authors listed only pollution, habitat destruction, and alien species as causes of pollinator collapse. I have sent the authors a letter, with links to literature reviews, informing them that RF radiation is the biggest cause of insect decline. I have invited them to join the coalition of scientists, organizations and individuals that we are forming to address the global radiation emergency.

More reports from around the world of bird and insect declines, etc.

Jean writes from Queensland, Australia: “I live in a retirement village and I have noticed fewer insects this year than before. I rarely see a bee.”

Leroi writes from France: “Here too the number of insects and birds has dropped significantly (by 2/3), while 5G has not yet been installed…! The number of births of disabled animals and human beings has been increasing since the 1990s, the beginning of widespread computer use.”

Chrisleine writes from Andalusia in Spain: “Many of the symptoms you describe are felt here too: almost no more birds; no doves. This year not a single bee in my garden.”

Emma writes from South Africa: “The first 5G tower was put up in 2019, 50 meters from me. Within a few days I had fungal pneumonia. A couple of weeks after that I had palpitations that wouldn’t stop. Roll on to now… sick pets, loss of insects, I am more sick. There is also a “bird flu” and rabbit flu outbreak (yeah right!). Lots of dead birds but the entire rabbit population is dead in the Kyalami area. I pray for the release of this planet from the radiation.”

Tammy writes from New Brunswick, Canada: “Cell towers killed all the birds and insects at Kings Place where I use to work. We used to have a bird problem there, nested in the rooftops, but not anymore. All the birds are gone. I no longer stay inside of urban areas because they are microwave toxic now. And as such, I am going on 4 years without any asthma puffers, allergy meds, no vaccines, and I have had zero colds, flus, COVID, nothing. It’s great. A low EMF life is a healthier life. Period. The Amish were right all along.”

Doug writes from North Hollywood, California: “I have noticed fewer birds in my neighborhood. We used to hear a lot of them here in the morning. Now I hardly hear any.”

Charles writes from the Himalayas: “I live at a remote ashram and things were fine with the wildlife, even 2G was doable but when 2G jumped to 4G, decimation of the bird and insect populations was noticed by the villagers and the ashramites alike, but as you say, everyone is too busy listening to the music to actually do anything about it.”

Karl writes from Germany: “I am 74 and an IT professional. I have observed for 20 years how the cranes cross over our house every autumn on their flight south. Now there is a large transmission tower about 20 kilometers away with a radio link that goes directly past our house. If the migratory birds come into this area, their navigation is at an end. They don’t know what to do and end up here on the meadow. Many times, they somehow managed to find their way further later or the next day.

“This year, as the radio network here, like everywhere else, has now been significantly expanded with 5G, among other things, a number of birds ended up here again. But all day long I was able to observe flocks that turned around and flew their way back, because they couldn’t find their way any further! The landed birds have still been here for a few weeks and will probably overwinter here if they survive, as it is actually too cold here and there is hardly enough food available.”

Linda writes from Tucson, Arizona: “A cell tower was installed 1,000 feet from my home. I didn’t even know it was there because it was hidden by trees. ALL insects except beetles and box elder bugs dropped by 1/3. They did not recover, year after year. 10 years later, smart electric meters were installed. Populations of ALL insects declined by half and have kept dropping year after year. Even the beetles are gone.”

Pieter writes from the Netherlands: “The beech hedge in front of our house gets the full radiation of a telecom tower at 300 meters distance on which two telecom companies send their radiation to us (thus apparently sending us the double portion). This cell tower was built in December 2020. Gradually the beech



Immaginate un mondo in cui tutti siano convinti di puntare alla testa una pistola musicale che spara un flusso continuo di minuscoli proiettili, così piccoli da non provocare alcun dolore. Ma ogni proiettile distruggeva le cellule cerebrali nel suo percorso attraverso il cranio. Immaginatevi milioni di torri-pistola che sorvolano la superficie della terra 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, con proiettili simili, facendo divertire la gente e distruggendo al contempo ogni forma di vita.

Tutte le piante e gli animali si ammalavano e morivano, e gli esseri umani si ammalavano e avevano ictus e attacchi di cuore, ma poiché i proiettili erano così piccoli, pochi si rendevano conto del perché. I biologi delle piante attribuirono la colpa del declino alle piogge acide. Gli ornitologi davano la colpa all’influenza. Gli entomologi davano la colpa ai cambiamenti climatici e ai pesticidi. I medici davano la colpa alla dieta, alla mancanza di esercizio fisico e a un elenco sempre più lungo di batteri e virus.

E qua e là, poche persone gridavano: BASTA! BUTTATE VIA LE ARMI! ABBATTETE LE TORRI DEI CANNONI! DISATTIVATE I SATELLITI CHE STANNO SORVOLANDO LA TERRA! Ma poiché tutti erano impegnati ad ascoltare la musica, non prestavano attenzione. E le persone che urlavano, che erano anche malate e stavano avendo ictus e attacchi di cuore, andarono dai loro medici che, invece di lanciare un allarme mondiale, dissero ai loro pazienti “Dovete essere sensibili alle armi” e diedero loro tranquillanti e antidepressivi in modo che se ne andassero e smettessero di urlare.


Questo è il mondo in cui viviamo oggi.

“L’Ipersensibilità elettromagnetica” (EHS) è un termine che permette ai medici di fingere che l’elettricità sia innocua e che le radiazioni non feriscano i loro pazienti. Permette alle persone che hanno scoperto di poter sentire l’elettricità e le radiazioni di fingere che ci sia qualcosa di sbagliato in loro e che tutti gli altri non lo sentano. Permette agli ambientalisti di fingere che la scomparsa di uccelli e animali selvatici e il collasso dei sistemi di supporto alla vita della Terra siano dovuti a qualcos’altro. E permette alle persone che usano i cellulari di fingere di non sentire le radiazioni e che la loro insonnia, i mal di testa, i dolori articolari, i problemi digestivi, gli attacchi di panico, la perdita di memoria, gli acufeni, l’epistassi, la pressione alta, l’insufficienza cardiaca, i problemi neurologici e il diabete siano causati da qualcos’altro.

È autunno inoltrato qui a Santa Fe.

Ed è autunno inoltrato nella vita della Terra. Dobbiamo evitare che l’inverno arrivi, perché altrimenti non ci sarà primavera. Dipende da tutti noi.

Arthur Firstenberg Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile / The Invisible Rainbow): Una storia di elettricità e vita Casella postale 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 STATI UNITI D’AMERICA telefono: +1 505-471-0129 12 dicembre 2023

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An Autumn's Tale


Imagine a world in which everyone was convinced to point a musical gun at their head, which shot a continuous stream of tiny bullets, so small that they caused no pain. But every bullet destroyed brain cells on its way through the skull. Imagine millions of gun towers strafing the surface of the earth 24/7 with similar bullets, entertaining the people while destroying all life.

And all the plants and animals were sickening and dying, and the humans were sick and having strokes and heart attacks, but because the bullets were so tiny, few people realized why. Plant biologists blamed the decline on acid rain. Ornithologists blamed influenza. Entomologists blamed climate change and pesticides. The medical profession blamed diet and lack of exercise, and an ever-expanding list of bacteria and viruses.

And here and there, a very few people were screaming, STOP! THROW AWAY YOUR GUNS! TAKE DOWN THE GUN TOWERS! DISABLE THE SATELLITES THAT ARE STRAFING THE EARTH! But because everyone was busy listening to the music, they paid no attention. And the people screaming, who were also sick and having strokes and heart attacks, went to their doctors who, instead of sounding a worldwide alarm, told their patients “You must be gun sensitive” and gave them tranquilizers and antidepressants so they would go away and stop screaming.

And so these people concluded there must be something wrong with them. They formed support groups for people with gun sensitivity, and asked the rest of the world to please take pity on them and stop shooting them. And when there was no place left in the world that was not being strafed, they pleaded with their governments to please establish refuges where they could live out their lives free from bullets. But no one took them seriously.


That is the world we live in today.

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS) is a term that allows doctors to pretend that electricity is harmless, and that radiation does not injure their patients. It allows people who have discovered they can feel electricity and radiation to pretend that there is something wrong with them and that everyone else does not feel it. It allows environmentalists to pretend that the vanishing of birds and wildlife and the collapse of the Earth’s life support systems are due to something else. And it allows people who use cell phones to pretend they do not feel the radiation and that their insomnia, headaches, joint pains, digestive problems, panic attacks, memory loss, tinnitus, nosebleeds, high blood pressure, heart failure, neurological problems, and diabetes are caused by something else.

It is late autumn here in Santa Fe.

And it is late autumn in the life of the Earth. We must prevent winter from coming, for there will be no spring if it does. It is up to all of us.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 December 12, 2023

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Lo studio dell’elettricità deve essere riportato alla biologia e alla medicina. La comunicazione personale senza fili deve essere eliminata perché le radiazioni che trasportano tutti i messaggi stanno distruggendo la vita sulla Terra. I telefoni cellulari devono essere sostituiti con telefoni fissi, il WiFi sostituito con cavi ethernet e altri dispositivi di consumo senza fili con dispositivi collegati con fili e cavi. Le antenne e i tralicci della telefonia mobile devono essere gradualmente eliminati e rimossi. La tecnologia wireless deve essere rimossa dai veicoli. I contatori intelligenti devono essere sostituiti da contatori analogici. I contatori intelligenti devono essere sostituiti da contatori analogici. Le autostrade intelligenti (smart city), le città intelligenti (smart city) e l’Internet delle cose devono cessare di essere sviluppati e distribuiti. Le stazioni radar devono essere limitate in numero, posizione e potenza. I forni radar (a microonde) non devono essere utilizzati per riscaldare gli alimenti. È necessario redigere un trattato internazionale sull’elettrosmog, che affronti le radiazioni sulla terraferma, negli oceani e nello spazio. INTRODUZIONE

L’elettrosmog è l’insieme dei campi elettrici, dei campi magnetici e delle radiazioni elettromagnetiche che ci investono 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, da tutti i dispositivi elettrici ed elettronici, dai cavi elettrici, dalle linee elettriche e dai dispositivi e dalle antenne wireless. Nella comunicazione via cavo, le informazioni vengono trasmesse attraverso i fili e i campi elettromagnetici (CEM) e le radiazioni sono involontari. Un’ingegneria appropriata può ridurre al minimo questi campi e radiazioni indesiderate.

Nella comunicazione wireless, invece, le radiazioni sono il prodotto. Le radiazioni sostituiscono i fili nella trasmissione delle informazioni. Senza fili significa radiazioni. La possibilità di utilizzare un dispositivo mobile ovunque sulla terra significa che ogni metro quadrato della terra deve essere irradiato in ogni momento. I dispositivi mobili operano nello spettro delle microonde, con il risultato che l’intero pianeta sta ora nuotando in un mare di radiazioni a microonde che sono da milioni a miliardi di volte più forti delle radiazioni del sole e delle stelle con cui la vita si è evoluta (1).

La vita si basa non solo sulla chimica, ma soprattutto sull’elettricità (2, 3). Il flusso libero di elettroni è essenziale per il funzionamento dei nostri nervi, del cuore e del metabolismo (3). Le interferenze con queste correnti elettriche causano malattie neurologiche, cardiopatie, malattie metaboliche come il diabete e il cancro (4). Gli organismi con tassi metabolici molto elevati, come le api e altri insetti, stanno scomparendo (5, 6).Migliaia di studi documentano gli effetti devastanti delle radiazioni wireless su mammiferi, uccelli, insetti, anfibi e foreste (7).

Poiché i CEM non sono una sostanza estranea agli esseri viventi, non si applica un modello tossicologico e non esiste una risposta alla dose: ridurre la potenza non riduce l’effetto. Anche un segnale quasi immensamente debole può interferire con il normale funzionamento biologico (8). “Mentre il concetto di dose rate/SAR è adeguato per la descrizione degli effetti termici acuti, non è applicabile per le esposizioni croniche a M[icro]vasi termici”. (9). Anche a livelli di potenza prossimi allo zero, è stato riscontrato che le radiazioni a microonde modificano la struttura del DNA (10) e alterano le onde cerebrali (11). Alcuni studi hanno persino rilevato una risposta inversa alla dose. Quando la potenza delle radiazioni viene ridotta di 1000 volte, i danni alla barriera emato-encefalica aumentano. (12). Da una revisione di 113 studi è emerso che le radiazioni di minore potenza tendevano a causare i maggiori danni ecologici (5). In un’altra revisione di 108 studi sperimentali, un livello di esposizione più basso tendeva ad avere un effetto biologico maggiore, e la differenza era altamente significativa (p < 0,001) (13).

I danni causati alla nostra salute e al nostro mondo dai dispositivi wireless e dalle loro infrastrutture sono dovuti non solo alle frequenze portanti delle microonde, ma anche alla modulazione e agli impulsi a bassa frequenza che trasportano le informazioni trasmesse. “La modulazione può quindi essere considerata come un contenuto informativo incorporato nell’onda portante a più alta frequenza che può avere conseguenze sulla salute al di là di qualsiasi effetto prodotto direttamente dall’onda portante” (14). Indipendentemente dall’onda portante, la modulazione è la stessa perché deve trasportare le stesse informazioni. Pertanto, l’utilizzo della luce come onda portante, come avviene per le brevi distanze con il LiFi, o del suono come onda portante, come avviene negli oceani, non riduce i danni.

La scoperta che una sola esposizione di due ore a un telefono cellulare nel corso della vita, anche quando la potenza del telefono era ridotta di 100 volte, ha causato danni cerebrali permanenti in giovani ratti (15) rende probabile che stiamo crescendo, e forse abbiamo già cresciuto, una generazione di bambini con danni cerebrali. Non c’è dubbio che questa situazione debba cessare e che i telefoni cellulari non siano sicuri a nessun livello di potenza, a nessuna

Dogs, cats, birds, and Maui









                         Cat with radio transmitter

In response to my last newsletter, “Don’t irradiate the birds!,” readers have sent me accounts from far and wide of what has been happening not only to the insects, birds, plants, etc., but also to their pets from being irradiated. I have also discovered more information about the birds of Maui — information that makes the case for radiation killing the birds, and not malaria, even more compelling.


The bird in my last newsletter called WILD1 — the one who disabled his radio transmitter less than a day after his release into the forest — was seen, alive and very healthy, on July 23, 2021, 632 days after being released! This was reported in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and in The Maui News. Here is my updated newsletter, amended accordingly:


Sidnee from California writes:

“A cat appeared one day with a tracking device on a harness. I wrapped the device in aluminum foil and taped a note on the back, telling whoever was the owner that he or she was harming his cat with that device. I included my phone number. A man called me and we chatted. Turns out the cat lived in the house behind me. I told him that the wireless radiation would be making his cat sick, but he didn’t care. His response? ‘He’s an expensive cat and he likes to wander. I need to know where he goes.’

“The Tile Tracker works with Bluetooth. I measured the RFR [radio frequency radiation]. It ranged from the hundreds of thousands to 2.5 million μW/m2. And the cat wore this all the time. He was so skinny, hyperactive and aggressive toward my own sweet orange kitty.”

The neighbor’s cat, like some of the birds on Maui, kept managing to remove his transmitter. The owner put a different transmitter on him, this time made by Apple. Sidnee continues:

“Good news. Since the cat kept losing the trackers, the owner has finally given up and the cat has no more devices on his harness! What a different cat! He is mellow, sweet and gets along great with my orange kitty, who is 17 years old.”

Stacy in the Netherlands tells what she has observed in nature, in her cats, and in herself, since the advent of 5G: 

“I have seen a kill-off of insects since 5G has been rolled out. I had 3 ant nests in my house and balcony, they are all dead now and I didn’t do anything. Also my plants on my balcony have not been visited by bees or any insects for that matter.

“Also lots of plants did poorly, the tops of the plants looked like they had been irradiated from the sky, the leaves clumped together, turned and died.

“I have also noted that in the evening I wake up feeling like I have been choked, my mouth and throat completely dried, my lips parched and I can drink a lot of water but it leaves my body very rapidly. I also suffer from a lot of hair loss as do my cats, they have bald patches and I buy them the best of food I can find. I have never had cats with bald patches before, they say it’s old age but it’s not true. I have it with both cats, a male and a female.

“I also notice food does not taste the same any more. I always loved fruit but it has lost its lustre. It also looks withered, less yummie/eat me. It’s like the light has gone out of things and a darkness has entered and for the first time in my life I am worried to the bone and scared.”

Richard in Houston reports a drastic decline in both birds and insects: 

“In Houston this year almost all the birds are gone. There used to be hundreds of doves, this year I have seen ONE. The only other birds I have seen are some blue jays which I feed daily and a hawk which preys upon them. I have fed birds for many years and always had a host of them. This year only the squirrels and rats are eating the bird food. The sky is almost empty of birds.

“The bees have disappeared as well. From hundreds last year to one or two this year.

“The lives of birds and Earth are way more important than the ‘convenience’ of deadly cell phones.”


Robyn from Colorado alerted me to smart bird feeders, which several companies are now marketing. She writes: 

“I noticed an advertisement today from our local hardware store for a Smart Feeder made by Feit Electric. This device sends pictures of the birds at a feeder directly to someone’s phone. I couldn’t help but think about how dangerous this exposure might be to birds who come for birdseed. Or maybe in their infinite intelligence, they don’t come near it.”

Here are pictures of three different companies’ smart feeders:


Mary from Guffey, Colorado, who has an animal sanctuary at 9,000 feet in the Rockies, tells a story very similar to the one Mark Broomhall told UNESCO (see previous newsletter). A deterioration in the health of all the animals has accompanied each advance in wireless communication. A cell tower provided the first cell phone service in that remote location 10 years ago. The tower was upgraded about 2 years ago. And most people in Guffey got a Starlink satellite dish this past summer. “Just about everyone in Guffey has one”, says Mary. She wrote the following on November 6:

“I live at 9000 feet in Guffey, Colorado. Have for 24 years. Starting