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In response to my last newsletter, “Don’t irradiate the birds!,” readers have sent me accounts from far and wide of what has been happening not only to the insects, birds, plants, etc., but also to their pets from being irradiated. I have also discovered more information about the birds of Maui — information that makes the case for radiation killing the birds, and not malaria, even more compelling.


The bird in my last newsletter called WILD1 — the one who disabled his radio transmitter less than a day after his release into the forest — was seen, alive and very healthy, on July 23, 2021, 632 days after being released! This was reported in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and in The Maui News. Here is my updated newsletter, amended accordingly:


Sidnee from California writes:

“A cat appeared one day with a tracking device on a harness. I wrapped the device in aluminum foil and taped a note on the back, telling whoever was the owner that he or she was harming his cat with that device. I included my phone number. A man called me and we chatted. Turns out the cat lived in the house behind me. I told him that the wireless radiation would be making his cat sick, but he didn’t care. His response? ‘He’s an expensive cat and he likes to wander. I need to know where he goes.’

“The Tile Tracker works with Bluetooth. I measured the RFR [radio frequency radiation]. It ranged from the hundreds of thousands to 2.5 million μW/m2. And the cat wore this all the time. He was so skinny, hyperactive and aggressive toward my own sweet orange kitty.”

The neighbor’s cat, like some of the birds on Maui, kept managing to remove his transmitter. The owner put a different transmitter on him, this time made by Apple. Sidnee continues:

“Good news. Since the cat kept losing the trackers, the owner has finally given up and the cat has no more devices on his harness! What a different cat! He is mellow, sweet and gets along great with my orange kitty, who is 17 years old.”

Stacy in the Netherlands tells what she has observed in nature, in her cats, and in herself, since the advent of 5G: 

“I have seen a kill-off of insects since 5G has been rolled out. I had 3 ant nests in my house and balcony, they are all dead now and I didn’t do anything. Also my plants on my balcony have not been visited by bees or any insects for that matter.

“Also lots of plants did poorly, the tops of the plants looked like they had been irradiated from the sky, the leaves clumped together, turned and died.

“I have also noted that in the evening I wake up feeling like I have been choked, my mouth and throat completely dried, my lips parched and I can drink a lot of water but it leaves my body very rapidly. I also suffer from a lot of hair loss as do my cats, they have bald patches and I buy them the best of food I can find. I have never had cats with bald patches before, they say it’s old age but it’s not true. I have it with both cats, a male and a female.

“I also notice food does not taste the same any more. I always loved fruit but it has lost its lustre. It also looks withered, less yummie/eat me. It’s like the light has gone out of things and a darkness has entered and for the first time in my life I am worried to the bone and scared.”

Richard in Houston reports a drastic decline in both birds and insects: 

“In Houston this year almost all the birds are gone. There used to be hundreds of doves, this year I have seen ONE. The only other birds I have seen are some blue jays which I feed daily and a hawk which preys upon them. I have fed birds for many years and always had a host of them. This year only the squirrels and rats are eating the bird food. The sky is almost empty of birds.

“The bees have disappeared as well. From hundreds last year to one or two this year.

“The lives of birds and Earth are way more important than the ‘convenience’ of deadly cell phones.”


Robyn from Colorado alerted me to smart bird feeders, which several companies are now marketing. She writes: 

“I noticed an advertisement today from our local hardware store for a Smart Feeder made by Feit Electric. This device sends pictures of the birds at a feeder directly to someone’s phone. I couldn’t help but think about how dangerous this exposure might be to birds who come for birdseed. Or maybe in their infinite intelligence, they don’t come near it.”

Here are pictures of three different companies’ smart feeders:


Mary from Guffey, Colorado, who has an animal sanctuary at 9,000 feet in the Rockies, tells a story very similar to the one Mark Broomhall told UNESCO (see previous newsletter). A deterioration in the health of all the animals has accompanied each advance in wireless communication. A cell tower provided the first cell phone service in that remote location 10 years ago. The tower was upgraded about 2 years ago. And most people in Guffey got a Starlink satellite dish this past summer. “Just about everyone in Guffey has one”, says Mary. She wrote the following on November 6:

“I live at 9000 feet in Guffey, Colorado. Have for 24 years. Starting about 10 years ago I noticed strange things happening on our animal sanctuary. I would find a cat dead, not killed by an animal, not sickly. About 2 years ago it became even worse. Because we have an animal sanctuary we need to keep good care of these animals, not because of legal ramifications but because that is how it should be. This past year and a half has been worse. My vets believe me because we have so many animals that they have treated seeing no natural reasons for their injuries. 

“This past month while walking 2 dogs, one was on leash and one can run around and have fun. That night I noticed the dog on a leash was walking strangely, but my husband had no idea why. The next morning when I went to the cat condo to feed the cats I found one lying in a corner in a pool of urine. When I when to pick her up her skin felt like it was detached from her body. Another cat was making loops around the condo. Round and round. I hurried back to the house to call the vets and told my husband I think the animals have been hit by emf’s. He asked me what I meant. I said like someone hitting you on the back. His reply was ‘Is that what happened?’ I asked him what he meant and he said while walking the dog he felt like someone had hit him but when he looked around there was nothing there.

“By then the dog who was on the leash was walking round and round chasing her tail. I then hurried to the chicken coop to see if they were all right. I found a lovely hen lying dead on the ground in the enclosed run. It looked like she had been dropped from up high but there was nothing there to fall from. The rooster seemed in a daze. I took the cat who was critically injured to the vet and had to be put down, was told to get cbd from a Vet CBD company as they formulate the meds specifically for animals, and was told that the dog was suffering from neurological problems, had developed eye problem and a massive ear infection. We will probably have to euthanize her before the end of the year. The rest of the hens are no longer laying eggs except one a day, down from 10 to 12 per day. All of this in a matter of one day and continuing onward.

“Now in addition to our problem a friend in Divide which is also at 9000 feet said while out playing with their dog and three of their neighbors and their dogs, the dogs got sick and the other people took their dogs to the vet, could find nothing physically wrong and they put the dogs down. My friend is still treating her dog with holistic methods. As an afternote, I have taken 8 cats into the vet due to weight loss and just not looking right. All cats lost from 1 to 2 pounds, blood work found no problems other than stress. We will have to probably put a couple of the cats down if I cannot get them better.

“We allow another non-profit to graze some horses on our 250-acre sanctuary and one of her old horses had to be put down due to cancer. I was talking with the gravedigger while waiting for the lady to come to put her horse down and told him about the problems we had with the animals. He just looked at me and said his chickens were doing the same as mine. If they laid an egg they were soft shell and few eggs. I asked him how long and he said it started about 3 weeks ago.

“If I were a pet owner with one or two pets it would be dismissed but not when for 23 years we run a perfect pet sanctuary and all of a sudden many injuries, it is obvious something is wrong in the skies. We are off the grid, no cell phones and the router is turned off at night. We survived without cell phones and all of this high tech killing technology.”

Starlink is 5G phased array technology from the sky. When a Starlink dish is online, that means a satellite is aiming a narrow beam at it. But by the time the beam reaches Earth from a few hundred miles up in space, the beam can be 8 miles in diameter or more. The dish also aims a beam of radiation directly at the satellite, and scatters radiation around it. If there are a lot of dishes in a 10-mile radius, as there are in Guffey, radiation from Earth and space is scattered far and wide.

One of numerous Starlink dishes in Guffey

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